NAFA Announces 5th Edition of the NAFA Guide to Air Filtration

NAFA has now finished the new NAFA Guide to Air Filtration – 5th Ed., 2014. Rewritten every five years, the new Guide is a compilation of the latest information needed by air filtration professionals.

This new edition will be used for the Certified Air Filter Specialist (CAFS) exam beginning in April, 2015.

The new Guide includes:

  • Additions of latest updates, facts and technologies to every chapter
  • Removal of all references to ANSI/ASHRAE 52.1 since this Standard is retired and all other Standards are updated.
  • Updates to all 52.2 standard including the new MERV Parameter Chart
  • A new chapter on Industrial Finishing that includes both air cleaning and overspray removal
  • Expanded information on typical atmospheric particles, kitchen exhaust filtration, emphasis on assuring pleat, pocket, rigid and v-cell filter media running in the vertical direction, addition of ASHRAE Guideline 26, new classification of biological safety cabinets, and corrections, deletions and additions of latest information on all standards and industry practices.

The 5th Edition comes to you thanks to the effort, work and contribution by many NAFA Members and headed by Ron Mattson, Chair of the Technical Committee.  It includes more pages of information, more graphs and charts and more technologies added than any prior NGAF edition.

Order your new NAFA Guide to Air Filtration online for immediate shipment. As always they are less expensive by the purchase of multiple copies.

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