Clearcare™ Surgical Face Masks

100% American-Made Masks

Permatron is a part of the Rensa Filtration family of companies, backed by over 100 years of air filtration expertise. We deliver the best-in-class custom air filters and air solutions that keep people safe and industries thriving.

Clearcare™ Surgical Face Masks provides our customers with daily protection at ultimate comfort. Masks are in-stock and ready to ship. Ordering is simple – fill out our form and we will get you connected to one of our experts right away.

Available Quantities:

  • 10 boxes of 50 (500 masks) in a small carton
  • 40 boxes of 50 (2,000 masks) in a larger carton

*Ask about our volume discounts*

Certified to protect. Tested to the highest standards.

Our PPE is tested to ASTM standards—the world’s leading technical standards for fluid resistance, filtration and breathability.

We use Nelson Labs, the only U.S.-based laboratory testing face masks to ASTM standards.


    • Made from virgin fibers—never recycled.


    • Fabricated with more non-woven materials per mask for a softer, more comfortable feel.


    • Backed by Permatron and Rensa’s experienced operations for a consistent, quality product every time you order.

americanflag100% American-made

    • Manufactured by our team in Elk Grove Village, IL from a 100% American supply chain. Each mask you buy supports jobs here at home.

Product Specifications

Mask Size: 7 in. x 3.5 in.

Mask Type

ASTM Level

Fluid Resistance (mmHg)

BFE @ 3.0μm

PFE @ 0.1μm

ΔP (mm H20/cm2)

Flame Spread

Clearcare Pro™


2 120




Class 1

Clearcare Ultra™


3 160




Class 1

Clearcare Masks

Premium-quality, breathable material

Triple-layered for comfort, filtration and protection

Polypropylene ear straps for all-day comfort