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Best Practices (.pdf format)

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Coil Cleaning Statistics (.pdf format)

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Case History – Application Articles

A Bright Idea for Fouled Thermal Care Cooling Towers

AEC Portable Chillers

Air Intake Challenges at Grocery Store – Data Center

All Air Intakes Are Not the Same

April Showers Bring Hail Damage

Atlas Copco Compressed Air Savings

Automated Packaging Plant York Chiller Screens

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

Bonnet Filters Pass AIB Inspection Guidelines

Clear the Air – Electrostatic Air Filters

Cottonwood Blankets Roof Top Units

Economic Reality

Enclosure Air Filtration

Equipment Maintenance & Protection Filters

Filter Feathers at Lincoln Park Zoo

Filtered Air on Ferries, Ships & Boats

Gardner Denver – A Better Way to Deliver Air

Grease Filters / Exhaust Hoods

Innovative Air Cleaning Products

Jackson National Life Liebert Dry Cooler Screens

Kaeser Industrial Compressors

Marine Air Corps Station in Yuma Residential HVAC

Michigan State Capitol Ground Louvers

Motorola Air Intake in Sears Tower

Mount Rainier National Park Projection Room

NorthWind Portable Air Conditioners

Pedway Air Filtration at Midway Airport

PreVent Filter LEED Certification

PreVent Filter Reduce Carbon Footprint

Prevost Bus Filter

Primo Restaurant Walk-In Cooler

Rock Quarry Dragline Equipment

Rooftop Units under Cottonwood Attack

Seniors Breath the Good Life

Spiritual is Cool – Willow Creek Church

Starbucks Pastry Case Air Intake Filter

University Intake Filters Make the Grade

Where there’s Muck, there’s Brass



PreVent Model U How to Measure & Install Video

PreVent Model R How to Measure & Install Video

HailStop Hail Guard How to Measure & Install Video

PreVent 3-Dimensional Filters How to Measure & Install Video


PreVent Air FilterDiffuser With Magnet

PreVent® Ceiling Vent Grill & Diffuser Filter with Magnetic Attachment

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  • I have 2 customer problems that I solved with your products. These are both hospitals. One had a problem with air filters being damaged by moisture being pulled into them by powerful air handlers. The filters were failing prematurely. I sold them your Model IN filters 3 months ago for one of their air handlers. They just ordered more filters for a second air handler. They have seven more air handlers that could use the same filters, so hopefully there will be many more orders for these filters.  The other hospital had a problem with leaves, insects and debris getting into their air intake louvers.  I sold them the PreVent air intake screen, custom sized, to protect their louvers.

    Chris Van PattenJohnstone Supply, Troy, NY

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