Permatron Product Warranty Information

Permatron takes pride in the quality and workmanship of our products. All air filters are built to give years of trouble-free service. Any filter found to be defective in workmanship or materials, when returned to Permatron shipping charges prepaid and in clean condition, will be repaired or replaced without charge. All returned filters MUST be clean or warranty rework and/or replacement will not be applied. Our Permatron product warranty period begins from the date of purchase and does not cover damage caused by excessive heat, disassemble, rough handling or improper installation.DO NOT take the unit apart for cleaning, as this is unnecessary. With proper care and regular cleaning, your Permatron filter should last many years. Permatron Corporation makes no medical or health claims other than that the filter will effectively remove particles from the air.

Please note, returned items needing to be reworked must be clean before returning to our facility or we will not be able to rework them.  We will no longer repair or inspect dirty air filters.

Permatron’s goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality product that will exceed expectations for craftsmanship and longevity. In order to achieve this, we recommend keeping rigid framed filter sizes below 1,000 square inches. If an application requires a larger filter, this sizing can be achieved with multiple-filter solutions (cut the size in half and use two air filters side-by-side in place of an over-sized one), creating a more robust solution for our partners. Limiting filter sizes allows Permatron to offer the best warranty in our industry, by reducing premature failure modes. Permatron rigid framed air filters over 1,000 square inches are not eligible for our warranty due to potential:

  • Damage in the shipping process
  • Damage when handling to install filters
  • Damage during cleaning process

Commercial Air Filters – 5 Year Warranty

  • Model IN
  • Model HFA
  • Metal Mesh
  • PreVent® Models U, R, BHA, Diffuser, Fan Guard, Bonnet

Residential Air Filters – Lifetime Warranty

  • DustEater® DE/EF
  • LifeStyle® Plus MF/LR
  • Contractors Choice
  • DustPlus® (permanent parts only)
  • Electronic Air Cleaner Upgrade Kit (prefilter only, afterfilter is disposable)

Homeowners: How to make a warranty claim

  • Obtain a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER from Permatron Corporation Customer Service Department by calling toll-free: 1-800-882-8012. Include your shipping address and credit card payment of $19.95 for the shipping fee.
  • Take a photograph of your filter clearly showing the damaged area and email it to, using your RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER in the subject line.

Permatron air filters are backed by a company that has been designing and manufacturing air filtration and equipment protection air solution products since 1957.