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        The PreVent® System provides total HVAC system protection, saving you time and money

          PreVent® Filter Screens: Saving Time, Money and Your HVAC Equipment

          Welcome to Permatron — Over 60 Years in Business!

          Custom Air Filters Since 1957

          Designing custom air filters to meet our clients’ specifications is our core competency. Permatron has a long history of building made-to-spec custom air filters for residential, commercial / industrial and OEM equipment protection and HVAC applications.

          The first washable electrostatic panel air filters were designed by Permatron for use in high dirt load environments, such as paper mills and food processing plants. We offer a range of panel air filters, including metal mesh filters and synthetic material filters for particulate and odor/fume removal, all finished in a variety of flexible or rigid frame options.

          If HVAC equipment coils are not kept clean, your coil will become plugged. When dirt builds up on the coil, it will prevent heat transfer and can cause a 20% to 40% drop in performance. Air intake dirt adds to the coil resistance and will cause your coil to fail prematurely.  Our PreVent line of air intake filter screens will capture airborne environmental elements like construction dust, processing byproducts, dirt, cottonwood and bugs before it can enter the coils, reducing maintenance labor and downtime costs.

          Using only the highest quality materials for our air filtration products, we are happy to provide you with samples to be compared to the competition, along with outside independent testing to support our performance statements. Our air filtration products are proudly Made in America.

          Permatron is part of the Rensa Filtration family of companies.  Rensa invests in innovation and the people that drive it to manufacture and market best-in-class solutions that keep environments safe and industries thriving.

          Say hello to high-quality, comfortable protection, and 100% American-made PPE: Clearcare™ Surgical Face Masks. Permatron and Rensa applied air filtration expertise to help America get back to work safely. Our masks are certified and tested to ASTM standards – the world’s leading technical stands for fluid resistance, filtration, and breathability.

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