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Our filtration solutions are #1 in performance. #1 in quality. And our PreVent® air intake screens are the #1 cottonwood screen on the market. Whether you are a distributor looking to ensure your clients have the best rooftop HVAC protection, a building manager looking for the most cost-efficient filtration solution, or an OEM buyer looking for superior air filter value and performance, you can rely on Permatron—part of the Rensa family of air filtration companies.

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For commercial air filters, OEM air filters, residential air filters and more, no air filter company is more innovative or continually working on as many new solutions.

Permatron MagnaMount Magnetic Mounts
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MagnaMount® Magnetic “Earth” Mount Clips

Reduce PreVent® installation time to minutes with no tools needed. Magnetic stripping also available for rigid frames.

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We’ve built millions of filters, and every single one has helped our customers—from data centers to high-rises, shopping malls to factories— save money and protect their HVAC equipment.

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It takes a lot of experience and expertise to be the #1 air filtration expert. We’re excited to share some of our know-how with you.

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How to Make a More Cost-Efficient OEM Filter
What should a manufacturer look for in an OEM air filter? Find out in our exclusive report.

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How your Air Intake Filter Saves You Time and Money
Our exclusive white paper explains why proper air flow and HVAC performance is so important to building managers.

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We’ve worked with many of the largest companies in the world.

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As the #1 manufacturer of air filters and air filter solutions, no one has more filtration experience to share.