Telecommunication Air Filtration

Keep your Telecommunications Equipment Connected

From cell phones to military battlefield information systems, telecommunications keeps information flowing uninterrupted. Telecom air filtration solutions from Permatron protect both sensitive indoor and outdoor electronic equipment that needs to stay clean and last through extreme weather conditions.

Telecom Air Filtration

The flow of global communication relies on dependable infrastructure, which in turn relies on clean, particle-free airflow. Telecom commercial air filters keep indoor and outdoor equipment installations in optimal condition by:

Capturing airborne dust and debris that can cause damage or interference

Protecting against environmental factors, such as corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures

Enhancing equipment longevity with a protective layer of clean air that extends equipment life

Preventing interference with the operation of electronic equipment

Complying with UL standards for flammability

Permatron filtration solutions simplify maintenance, contribute to operational cost savings, and are customizable with a variety of mounting options.

Prevent Telecom Equipment Breakdowns and Electronic Downtime!

Electronic Enclosure

PreVent air intake screens stop airborne contaminants before they ever get inside your electronic equipment enclosures. UV protected for outdoor or indoor environments and custom sized, PreVent fits to the intake enclosure with a variety of mount options. Cleans in minutes with a broom or shop vac.

Electric Telecom Air Filter Applications

Telecom commercial air filters appear in many different applications across the industry:

Data Centers: Air filtration systems prevent overheating and malfunction of the servers that store and process vast amounts of data. Filtration also maintains a controlled environment for the optimal performance of sensitive electronic components.

Cellular Towers: At cellular tower sites, base station equipment is often located outdoors or in semi-exposed settings. Filters protect this equipment from airborne particles like dust, pollen, and industrial pollutants.

Switching Centers: Precision air filters provide clean air to protect the electronic switchboards that handle call routing and data transmission. Prevalent contaminants like dust can lead to signal degradation or failure.

Broadcasting Equipment: Broadcast equipment, including transmitters and mixing consoles, must remain dust-free to prevent technical issues and ensure broadcast clarity. Air filters safeguard against particulates that can compromise the quality of broadcast signals.

Control Rooms: Control rooms that monitor telecom networks contain equipment for managing and controlling network traffic. Air filters create a contaminant-free environment to avoid network disruptions.

The choice of air filters is important and typically based on the nature of the contaminants and the required level of air purity for the telecom equipment to function correctly.

Telecom Commercial Air Filters

Permatron offers a variety of filters suitable for indoor and outdoor telecom applications:

IN and HFA Electrostatic Air Filters

MMA and Heavy-Duty MMH Aluminum Mesh Air Filters

MMS Stainless Steel and MMG Galvanized Steel Mesh Air Filters

PermaFlo Rigid Nonwoven Polyester Air Filters

PreVent Washable Air Intake Screens and WeatherProtect Air Intake Covers

We also offer customized OEM solutions designed specifically for your application.

Find Telecom Air Filtration Solutions at Permatron

Permatron, founded in 1957, is the original producer of electrostatic air filters. Contact us to discuss your telecom air filtration options today.

  • Several of our large commercial buildings in Atlanta have purchased the PreVent filtering product for their cooling towers. The benefits of being able to get through our spring season without much intrusion into the building owners equipment has been successful. The product was easy to install and has been simple for the customers to maintain. We are excited to have this product in our line of filtration options.

    Joey ChapmanAir Filter Sales and Service, Inc.
  • The R2 filters I have sold have worked very well. They do as advertised, by keeping the inside of our air compressors clean. No customer complaints after the sale and no problems with the construction of the washable filters. Your delivery times are fast and your customer service agents are a pleasure to work with. I look forward in continuing our business relationship with Permatron in 2013 and thank you for all of the continued support that we receive in making our compressors work better.

    John JarrattAir Compressor Energy Systems, Louisiana
  • I attached a couple of photos of the completed PreVent Screens installed on Trane rooftop units. They fit very well to our dimensions and look good also. Your folks did a good job on matching all of our requested dimensions. I will keep you guys in our contact list as I can see several applications for your product that would be beneficial & it is another product we can offer to our customers.

    Harold ImmekusAllied Mechanical Services, Kalamazoo, MI


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