Energy System Air Filtration

Understanding Air Filters in the Energy Industry

Superior air filtration is a requirement for the energy sector to maintain equipment, protect workers’ health, and keep the environment clean. Permatron carries various air intake screens, nuclear energy air filters, and custom OEM air filters suitable for power generation.

The Energy vs. Power Industry

The energy and power industries have slight but important differences. The energy sector covers all industries involved in energy production and selling, including extraction, refining manufacturing, and distribution, like:

Nuclear Energy: Fission & Fusion

Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Hydro, & Geothermal

Fossil Fuels: Oil, Natural Gas, & Coal

The power industry is a subset of the energy industry that deals specifically with the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity, no matter how it is generated. The power industry involves generation facilities using various energy sources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind. It also deals with power transmission and distribution via high-voltage lines, substations, and local networks.

Both sectors rely on good air quality to maintain clean, efficient, and reliable operations.

Prevent Equipment Breakdowns and Utility Downtime!

PreVent Installation Cooling Tower

PreVent air intake screens stop airborne contaminants before they ever get inside your cooling tower. UV protected and custom sized, PreVent fits to the intake enclosure with a variety of mount options. Cleans in minutes with a broom or shop vac.

The Critical Role of Air Filtration in the Energy Sector

Energy system air filtration is vital to operations for many reasons:

Equipment Protection: Airborne contaminants can cause significant wear and tear on machinery and equipment, which can shorten lifespan, increase maintenance costs, and lead to unplanned outages.

Operational Efficiency: In the absence of proper filtration, the buildup of contaminants can reduce heat exchange efficiency, increase fuel consumption, and decrease overall plant performance.

Health and Safety: In nuclear plants, air filtration systems prevent the release of radioactive particles into the environment and reduce workers’ exposure to hazardous substances.

Environmental Protection: Air filtration systems reduce the emission of pollutants, helping energy facilities minimize their environmental footprint.

Effective air filtration systems also help ensure compliance with regulatory bodies, such as the EPA and the DOE, by capturing and containing harmful emissions and particulates.

Energy System Air Filter Benefits:

Proper energy sector air filtration can benefit facilities in the following ways:

Improves Safety and reduces risks of hazardous incidents and protect personnel from exposure to harmful substances

Increases reliability by maintaining the integrity and functionality of energy production equipment, minimizing breakdowns and ensuring consistent output

Increases profitability by reducing maintenance needs and increase equipment lifespan, contributing to the cost-effectiveness of energy operations

Air filtration is a major component of operations in the energy sector and contributes to the ability to meet current demands and prepare for the future.

Trust Permatron for Nuclear Energy Air Filters

Permatron has received multiple awards for its dedication to keeping air quality high across various energy industries. Contact us today to receive a quote on a nuclear energy air filter or discuss custom solutions for your application.

  • Several of our large commercial buildings in Atlanta have purchased the PreVent filtering product for their cooling towers. The benefits of being able to get through our spring season without much intrusion into the building owners equipment has been successful. The product was easy to install and has been simple for the customers to maintain. We are excited to have this product in our line of filtration options.

    Joey ChapmanAir Filter Sales and Service, Inc.
  • The R2 filters I have sold have worked very well. They do as advertised, by keeping the inside of our air compressors clean. No customer complaints after the sale and no problems with the construction of the washable filters. Your delivery times are fast and your customer service agents are a pleasure to work with. I look forward in continuing our business relationship with Permatron in 2013 and thank you for all of the continued support that we receive in making our compressors work better.

    John JarrattAir Compressor Energy Systems, Louisiana
  • I attached a couple of photos of the completed PreVent Screens installed on Trane rooftop units. They fit very well to our dimensions and look good also. Your folks did a good job on matching all of our requested dimensions. I will keep you guys in our contact list as I can see several applications for your product that would be beneficial & it is another product we can offer to our customers.

    Harold ImmekusAllied Mechanical Services, Kalamazoo, MI


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