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At Permatron, we provide a number of shipping, manufacturing and storage options for your convenience and assistance.

If requested, we can send our product directly from Permatron to your customer, so you don’t have to inspect, inventory, pack or ship products yourself. Some OEM customers have an aftermarket department already established to sell replacement filters and stock them. Other OEM air filter customers do not keep stock and request that Permatron stock the part as necessary. Whichever you prefer, we make it easier for you, and for your customers.

Each OEM air filter is manufactured and labeled with a specific part number that begins with your unique four digit OEM customer code. This is particularly beneficial when you initiate a Drop Ship (see above) directly to your customer from Permatron.

With just-in-time manufacturing (JIT), Permatron only makes what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount that is needed—enough to prevent stock-outs and keep your production lines moving, while keeping your costs low. Permatron’s quality control in production and high level of OEM customer service ensures that all your inventory and delivery needs are met.

When production lines go down at your plant and you need a part right away, no one is more qualified to get it to you in a hurry than Permatron. Our quick response time and flexible manufacturing process allows us to work with you to meet unanticipated delivery needs. We can ship small orders quickly. Please contact our customer service department as early as you can with your P/N and shipping account number.

We base our quotes on your custom and OEM air filter requirements through a variety of factors including prototyping, past applications and our legacy knowledge of yearly purchase volume or Estimated Annual Usage. Yearly purchase estimates allow Permatron to provide the fastest fulfillment times and lowest prices. You can submit purchase orders when inventory is necessary or, if you prefer, as a blanket purchase order with JIT release dates scheduled throughout the year. This allows us to make EOS commodity purchases that guard your OEM air filter price from inflation. Knowing your needs will change with the cradle-to-grave product life cycle, we encourage quoting volumes for test and pilot runs.

Permatron offers a private label program so that the filters have your name brand on them. Permatron can also help you design and/or print labels with other packaging components, or you can supply us with printed materials. Permatron will include your branding on every order before it ships out, and help build your aftermarket sales program.

While custom air filters are not returnable, we will design and supply a prototype for approval prior to order fulfillment. A return authorization number from the Permatron customer service department is required if the product does not meet pre-approved specifications and drawing.

We offer numerous cost effective and reliable shipping methods based on variables such as weight, quantity, product size and destination. The estimated shipping rates will be provided to you before completing your order. Products can be shipped to meet your specifications—corrugated boxes, shrink wrapped pallets and wood or plastic crates, along with necessary inventory labeling and bar code requirements.

Permatron partners with numerous cost effective and reliable shipping vendors based on variables such as weight, quantity, product size and destination. Standard shipments go out UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. Products can be shipped using your designated vendor or carrier upon request.

Some of the industries and applications for which we have designed and manufactured custom size air filters include:


Food Service


Ice Machines

Industrial Enclosures

Wind Turbine

Data Center

Portable Cooling

Injection Molding

Beverage Dispensers




Aftermarket Products


Refrigerated Display Cases


Reach In Coolers





Power Generation

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Case Studies

  • I use the PreVent Model R filters with magnetic option that allows them to stick to the ironsteel surface of my Kaeser compressors, Kaeser air dryer and YASKAWA inverter on a Braun washer. I rinse with hot water once a week. These can be used in many applications and do save significant time for maintenancePM work. I also have installed this type filtration on all HVAC units. Easily eliminates 90% of lintdust that otherwise enters these areas

    Mark WearAramark Uniform Services, Oklahoma City, OK
  • I attached a couple of photos of the completed PreVent Screens installed on Trane rooftop units. They fit very well to our dimensions and look good also. Your folks did a good job on matching all of our requested dimensions. I will keep you guys in our contact list as I can see several applications for your product that would be beneficial & it is another product we can offer to our customers.

    Harold ImmekusAllied Mechanical Services, Kalamazoo, MI
  • As a new Territorial Manager in the Portland Oregon area for Total Filtration Service, Permatron gives me a great product and support that helps me find solutions for my customers. I live and work in an area where cottonwood is a killer on the mechanical equipment where larger debris needs to be stopped from entering a certain space. I can offer air filter solutions to my customer to help save them time and money. A few ways that the PreVent screens can help:

    • Save from having to do frequent coil cleanings because of cottonwood
    • Save from having to spend money on mechanical equipment break downs because the equipment wasn't protected from the harsh conditions
    • Save on labor costs from filter changes and maintenance cleanings promotes reallocation those labor hours to other critical projects
    I want to be valued as a total filtration representative to my customers (i.e., bakery facilities, city municipalities and mechanical contractors), and the PreVent benefits allows me to do so.

    James HurstTotal Filtration Services, Portland, OR
  • I was not familiar with Permatron R-2 filters until I started working at Delta Industries. Now that I see how well the R-2 filters have been working I talk them up to my customers. A couple of our customers were so impressed the decision to apply R-2 filters to other applications such as water chillers and electrical control cabinets have proven successful. Industrial applications we have placed R-2 filters include machine shops, foundries, woodworking shops and even the CTA in a dusty bus garage. Other applications that have proven successful are shops that operate with open doors especially during the cotton wood and dandelion seeding seasons

    Jim ApplebyDelta Industries, Downers Grove, IL
  • We installed the PreVent filters last week; all panels were sized exactly as ordered, and the installation went very well. Our customer is very pleased with the results. We will be seeking other opportunities in our area.

    Jim HoffmanCapital Air Filters, Inc, Raleigh, NC
  • I just sent off an email to my manager giving him all the info from Permatron so he can get this out to the rest of our After Market Sales people. I told him how happy I am and so are the customers that I been getting your product out to. Thanks for all your help with my end.

    Jim GoschAtlas Copco Compressors LLC
  • As you know, we offer your R2 magnetic filters as an option on our air compressors. The feedback from our sales people and customers has been very positive. The product is durable and offers a quality alternative to disposable filters. We are very pleased with the quick delivery times. In addition, the product does an excellent job keeping dirt away from the critical components on our compressors. As you probably know, compressors tend to be installed in the worst possible location. Just look for the hottest, dirtiest place in a plant and you will usually find the air compressor. Without the R2 filters our customers would experience greater service costs on their equipment

    Drew JohnsonKaeser Compressors
  • The R2 filters I have sold have worked very well. They do as advertised, by keeping the inside of our air compressors clean. No customer complaints after the sale and no problems with the construction of the washable filters. Your delivery times are fast and your customer service agents are a pleasure to work with. I look forward in continuing our business relationship with Permatron in 2013 and thank you for all of the continued support that we receive in making our compressors work better.

    John JarrattAir Compressor Energy Systems, Louisiana
  • Thanks for the cleaning info, I love my PreVent filters as they saved me a lot of time on the roof in the extreme heat last summer. I've found a damp terry cloth rag removes the cotton very well. Thanks for the YouTube videos!

    Julie OsterbauerMahtomedi Schools
  • The installation of the Permatron PreVent filter has saved us money, reduced downtime, and to date eliminated any possible environmental outages.

    Gary WilcoxOsram Sylvania
  • Thanks to Permatron screens maintenance engineers in Utah save tons or time in preventive maintenance. Thank you Permatron!

    Mike ReidyRoto Aire Sales and Service
  • Several of our large commercial buildings in Atlanta have purchased the PreVent filtering product for their cooling towers. The benefits of being able to get through our spring season without much intrusion into the building owners equipment has been successful. The product was easy to install and has been simple for the customers to maintain. We are excited to have this product in our line of filtration options.

    Joey ChapmanAir Filter Sales and Service, Inc.
  • I am very pleased to work with Permatron when ordering the PreVent Filter for installations in Wisconsin. From start to finish Permatron is very timely in getting pricing right down to delivery. The finished product is always as accurate as the drawings supplied to have it made. The finished product is also very easy to install, modify if needed, and cleaning is super easy. The fasteners are a great way to have the filter installed if you need to take down the filter to clean it. Otherwise, just turn off the air and either sweep it down or hose it off.

    Sean T. McGlennClass 1 Air, Inc.
  • As a company who specializes in life cycle costing and energy efficient products in Seattle, we try to use the PreVent system whenever possible. We prefer to install our 4V style final filters without a pleated pre filter to maximize energy savings. This works very well except during our cottonwood season which can load up any filter in a matter of days. The PreVent system gives us the opportunity to remove the cottonwood seeds at a very low pressure drop. Having such a short lead time and being available in any dimension we require makes it an amazing addition to our product line and allows us to set our business apart in a very competitive marketplace.

    Jesse SheppardCommercial Filter Sales
  • We receive outstanding customer service, receiving our products in a timely manner and are of excellent quality. Measuring for PreVent air intake filter is easy to understand and complete. Installing PreVent is simple and the product works efficiently.

    Jake DanielsDaniels Filter Service, Des Moines, IA
  • PreVent is a very nice product, and very reasonably priced.  Belk is looking forward to the opportunity to do more work with Permatron in the future.

    Jeremy HaynesBelk, Senior Facilities Coordinator, Stores
  • Permatron's PreVent screening was installed on recently replaced 363A RTU condenser coils, outside air and economizer openings, using MagnaMount magnets to hold them in place VS drilling and screwing them on. The magnets will most definitely be our primary mounting option going forward. All three screens took us literally less than five minutes to install. I noticed how quickly cottonwood was caught by the screening.The screens can be cleaned in place or easy removed for more detailed cleaning.  

    Jim PodrazaArgonne National Laboratory, Planning Manager
  • The PreVent bonnet style filter is the best thing I have ever bought to protect our cooling tower circular fan. We have to clean it every two weeks but it is so easy.

    Martyn RogersCotek Papers Limited, Maintenance Manager
  • Our customer, Logoplaste, uses and raves about the Prevent BHA Screens and MagnaMount Kits.We did an install at their manufacturing facility in June on two units, all four sides required screens. Installation time was drastically reduced from the original 6 hour estimate with standard mount clips, to complete screen installation in under 1 hour with MagnaMount clips.The facility is located along the river where cottonwood trees are very abundant. Even when installing PreVent, it was catching the cottonwood that was flying. I brought him out one of your cleaning brooms a week after install, and the Maintenance Manager said that it is the best money he has spent since he has worked at that facility. He is planning on purchasing some more for his 4 Cooling Towers as well.    

    Sonja HyderRamAir, Sales and Service
  • The guys love them!  Clean look, and easy to clean….  

    Dave GaborekHyatt Regency Ohare, Chief Engineer