Transportation Refrigeration Unit Filter

Keep Perishable Goods Fresh

Companies across the U.S. depend on refrigerated freight transportation to deliver perishable or sensitive products to the far reaches of the nation. A comprehensive cold chain is essential to an array of products including food, pharmaceuticals, film, art, chemicals and textiles to maintain product integrity and quality. A Permatron cold fridge truck filter ensures the air quality inside these trucks remains high, protecting both the refrigeration units and the products within.

Refrigeration Units for Sensitive Goods Transportation

The food  and medical industry benefits greatly from the use of cold fridge trucks by improving:

Preservation and Shelf Life

Product Safety

Seasonal Avalibility

Geographic Reach

Refrigerated transport also reduces waste. Products like critical food or medical vaccines can travel much farther than before, sometimes thousands of miles from production to consumption, without risk of spoilage.

Prevent Transportation Equipment Breakdowns!


PreVent air intake screens stop airborne contaminants before they ever get inside your transportation equipment. UV protected for outdoor or indoor environments and custom sized, PreVent fits to the intake enclosure with a variety of mount options. Cleans in minutes with a broom, water hose or shop vac.

Filters for Cold Transport Trucks

Permatron cold fridge truck filters are different from the standard truck filters to protect the engine and improve air cabin quality. They are often located in the following places:

Primary Air Intake: Outside the truck at the front or sides of the refrigeration unit

Refrigeration Unit Compartment: On the front top of the trailer, separate from the engine air intake

Return Air Vents: Inside the refrigerated compartment

Adjustable Ventilation Ports: In the side, front, or back walls of the refrigeration compartment

A transport refrigeration unit filter is generally easy to install and replace. After locating the filter housing, remove the access panel and slide out the old filter. Pay attention to its orientation and condition to determine if they need replacing more or less often.

Wipe out any dust or debris from the housing and the area around it. Slide the new filter into place, orienting it according to any airflow direction indicators. There should not be any gaps around the edges. Secure the housing cover back into place.

Benefits of Transport Refrigeration Unit Filters

A cold room transport filter prevents dust, debris, and other airborne particles from entering and accumulating in the refrigeration system and cabin, which has many benefits:

Enhanced Refrigeration Efficiency: Clogged or dirty air filters make the system work harder to circulate air, leading to increased energy consumption and reduced lifespan.

Protection of Refrigeration Equipment: Filters protect the refrigeration unit’s components by trapping particles that could otherwise damage the system.

Prolonged Shelf Life of Goods: Air filters can extend food shelf life by filtering out mold spores, bacteria, and other contaminants

Odor Control: Some filters, such as our activated carbon filters, can absorb and eliminate smells associated with dairy and meat products.

Furthermore, industries involving food and pharmaceuticals must comply with regulations for specific air quality standards in transportation units.  Higher efficiency filters, such as PermaFlo, are available in MERV 5, MERV 6 and MERV 8 options.

Get a Quote on Cold Fridge truck Filters from Permatron

At Permatron, we have provided cold fridge truck filters for the food industry since 1957. Contact us today to receive a quote on stock and customized OEM filters.

  • Several of our large commercial buildings in Atlanta have purchased the PreVent filtering product for their cooling towers. The benefits of being able to get through our spring season without much intrusion into the building owners equipment has been successful. The product was easy to install and has been simple for the customers to maintain. We are excited to have this product in our line of filtration options.

    Joey ChapmanAir Filter Sales and Service, Inc.
  • The R2 filters I have sold have worked very well. They do as advertised, by keeping the inside of our air compressors clean. No customer complaints after the sale and no problems with the construction of the washable filters. Your delivery times are fast and your customer service agents are a pleasure to work with. I look forward in continuing our business relationship with Permatron in 2013 and thank you for all of the continued support that we receive in making our compressors work better.

    John JarrattAir Compressor Energy Systems, Louisiana
  • I attached a couple of photos of the completed PreVent Screens installed on Trane rooftop units. They fit very well to our dimensions and look good also. Your folks did a good job on matching all of our requested dimensions. I will keep you guys in our contact list as I can see several applications for your product that would be beneficial & it is another product we can offer to our customers.

    Harold ImmekusAllied Mechanical Services, Kalamazoo, MI


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