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Protect Your Electrical Enclosures

Whenever delicate components are exposed to airflow and corrosion, they are at risk of contamination from dust and other debris. Vents and fans may keep the enclosure from overheating, but this also means dirt, grease and other airborne debris may be continually drawn inside the cabinet, especially with common and lower-rated enclosures. Larger pieces of dirt can clog fins and vents, but even smaller particles, particles that may be difficult to see, can impair mechanical components’ abilities to work efficiently without repeated maintenance and cleaning. Quality air filters help to prevent this debris from entering electrical enclosures.

What Kinds of Enclosures Need Filters?

NEMA 1 enclosures are the least strict designation for electrical enclosures. These enclosures must always be indoors, with a surrounding environment that is similar to the desired atmospheric conditions. They are not watertight and may provide only limited protection from dust and contaminants.

NEMA 3R enclosures are intended for outdoor use, so must be able to protect against rain, wind and snow. They can also be used in indoor environments where falling debris is a consideration. They may not provide much protection from microbe-sized dust and contaminants.

NEMA 4N enclosures are completely weatherproof for outdoor applications and are also built to withstand more extreme indoor conditions where water might be present such as in marine environments.

Both NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R can be cooled with a simple filtered fan system, while NEMA 4 N enclosures require a closed-loop system, which requires an air conditioner or heat exchanger. While none of these electrical enclosures are completely immune from contaminants, NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R are more vulnerable.

Prevent Electrical Enclosure Breakdowns

Electrical Room Intake

For many electrical enclosures, the PreVent Model R air intake filter from Permatron is the best option to keep dust and debris out of the cabinet. Installing them is a snap to install on the outside of the intake; they are available with a number of easy-to-install mounting options including magnetic mount strips, and a Z bracket to keep multiple intake filters side-by-side.

Experience and Expertise

Permatron’s team of experts can guide you from prototype to production, ensuring that your OEM air filter solution is developed efficiently and meets your exact specifications. Our years of experience and deep industry knowledge enable us to deliver exceptional results in record time.

  • I sincerely feel that each company should install a Permatron filter on every single piece of equipment that could benefit from it. I have recommended Permatron products to many other industries I deal with. These filters can save industries thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs as well as preventing lengthy and costly downtimes of their systems.

    Scott KearnsSiemens Industry - Gas Transfer Operations
  • PreVent is a very nice product, and very reasonably priced.  Belk is looking forward to the opportunity to do more work with Permatron in the future.

    Jeremy HaynesBelk, Senior Facilities Coordinator, Stores
  • We installed the PreVent filters last week; all panels were sized exactly as ordered, and the installation went very well. Our customer is very pleased with the results. We will be seeking other opportunities in our area.

    Jim HoffmanCapital Air Filters, Inc, Raleigh, NC


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