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Model IN

For the #1 filtration solutions, organizations around the world rely on Permatron. Our Model IN filters are the #1 washable, electrostatic filters on the market. First developed in 1957, Model IN is a reusable air filtration solution with many benefits over the competition, including common metal mesh filters.

Permatron Model IN benefits include the following:

  • Completely washable and easy to clean
  • Extends the life of high-efficiency, disposable pleats
  • Excellent in environments with high dirt loads
  • Long life-span against corrosive chemicals and a 5-year warranty
  • Low air flow resistance
  • Exclusive Accumulator Chamber® design for maximum performance
  • Works well with high-velocity airflow
  • Available in any custom size you require up to 1,000 square inches
  • Commonly used in wet, marine environments where mold and bacteria are a concern
  • Available in white polypropylene (FDA-approved, natural for food service) or black polypropylene media with UV-protected for outdoor use

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