Electronic EnclosureCHALLENGES
Electronic enclosures house electrical equipment that needs proper cooling to maintain its efficiency. These popular cabinets are a 5.8 billion dollar industry and for good reason: these enclosures are designed to house, operate and securely protect the vital components needed to run a multitude of systems. By ensuring your fragile electronics are protected from debris and dirt, electrical enclosures are a lifesaver for a data center, manufacturing center or any facility where faulty processing equipment can cost companies resources, time and loss of productivity.

While electronic enclosures can be considered the unsung heroes of a facility by fending off dust and debris, they can also play a role in a piece of equipment failing. That’s because electrical enclosures can heat up fast, and critical components, such as data server racks and industrial production process equipment, require continuous cooling to stay operational. As a result, a faulty electronic enclosure cooling system can significantly reduce performance. According to electronic enclosure manufacturer Rittal, a temperature increase of just 10° Kelvin (18° Fahrenheit) can reduce an equipment’s service life by 50 percent. Some electronic enclosures can easily exceed 100°F inside—a temperature too hot for many electrical components to operate efficiently causing failures and malfunctions. Additionally, condensation from excessive humidity in warm/damp climates can cause component corrosion. In short, failure to keep electric enclosures cool can result in a litany of problems.

The crucial component to maintaining cool temperatures is consistent air filtration, as cool air is blown into the enclosure, and hot air is blown out. Improper air filtration increases the risk of contaminants, such as dust and dirt, entering an electronic enclosure, where they can wreak havoc on the fragile equipment inside.

A further complication is a unit’s air intake fins. Fins are often located at foot traffic level and are prone to pull in air contaminated with dust and debris. In cases containing electronic enclosures, this debris easily clogs condenser coils, restricts airflow, and makes the system work harder while consuming more electricity to maintain its temperature.

SOLUTIONS with PreVent Filters from Permatron

Any place where air flows present an opportunity to install filtration products for optimum equipment efficiency. A PreVent air intake filter is a cost-effective way to keep electronic enclosures or any type of equipment running smoothly in busy retail, industrial or institutional environments. You simply attach them to the outside of the air intake, and harmful contaminates are kept out.

Its washable electrostatic media is designed to collect high dirt loads before they are drawn into the enclosure. With our strong patented magnetic stripping, PreVent filters easily stick to the outside of metal air intake louvers, removing the need to dismantle the case to retrieve air filters for cleaning. PreVent filters can be easily removed, rinsed, and reinstalled within minutes, too. They are made with UV-protected polypropylene and can withstand outdoor or indoor exposure and corrosive environments.

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