Permatron Corporation offers Model In electrostatic air filter with their exclusive Accumulator Chamber® design. The filter’s reportedly have an average arrestance efficiency of 78 percent.  The company says each electrostatic  air filter contains two panels of filter material pressed into a 6mm (1/4″) steel frame, assembled inside a 1 inch frame to form the Accumulator Chamber.  The first panel filter reportedly removes the majority of airborne particles, which are then swept into the Accumulator Chamber, where turbulence and electrostatic forces cause agglomeration into particles too large to pass through the second filter.  The maker says the filters distribute captured airborne particles evenly over all layers of media and within the Accumulator Chamber to avoid face-loading problems.

In the Pink

air filters in zoo hvac system  The Chicago Park District chose the filters for use in the Lincoln Park Zoo’s  Flamingo House.  Approximately 17 Chilean pink flamingos, which must be      protected from polluted air as well as Chicago’s harsh weather, inhabit the large  glass dome during the winter.  Without proper indoor air quality control,  keeping the birds in an enclosed place can result in dust and tremendously high  airborne particulate levels. The air filters reportedly were easy to install,  requiring no modifications to the existing heating/ventilating system.  Ongoing  maintenance includes periodic washing of dirt buildup.  The Chicago Park  District uses two sets of each air filter per facility.  As the dirty filter is taken out  of the system for cleaning, the second set is immediately put in place.  The dirty  air filters are cleaned later, and the air filtration system is shut down for only a few minutes at a time during the exchange.