At Permatron, we work with many Fortune 500 companies and global conglomerates. One of those is Siemens, who recently insisted their customer Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority (TRSWA) purchase Permatron air intake filter screens to address a number of HVAC issues. The benefits were immediately obvious.


TRSWA supplements local government solid waste management services for a number of South Carolina counties. They had to replace $20,000 and $30,000 variable frequency drives (VFDs) of their AC units due to years of continual dirt and dust build-up. They also had to replace one VFD after a snake climbed inside of one of the outside buckets and fried the unit. Three Rivers not only faced these unexpected and unwelcome replacement bills, but had to wait weeks for repairs to be done. As a result, TRSWA faced major losses of revenue as they had to shut down operations during these extended downtimes. 


Their Siemens rep immediately suggested TRSWA purchase Permatron PreVent air intake filter screens. These prefilters are installed on the outside of HVAC air intake openings. They keep debris out, protecting vulnerable parts inside the equipment from damage as well as dirt, dust and debris. They block cottonwood, garbage, insects and yes, snakes, from entering the system. They also stop smaller microorganisms and dust. As a result, companies see an immediate ROI from the reduction of necessary cleanings, repair bills and replacement costs. 

Another advantage of PreVent intake filter screens is their easy installation and removal. Three Rivers PreVent filters, like many of our filters, came with powerful magnetic stripping. The strip runs along the backside of the metal frame and simply snaps to the outside of the equipment. With these strips, PreVent screens can be installed in minutes and require no tools. They can be removed just as easily.

Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority has installed Permatron air intake filter screens on 11 different pieces of equipment including air compressors, cooling fans, and cooling air outlets. 

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PreVent filters save you money and time, and are easy to install and clean—all you need to do is just vacuum, hose or brush them off, in place. But PreVent air intake screens are just one of many ways Permatron helps you protect HVAC equipment, lower utility bills and reduce maintenance issues.

“I sincerely feel that each company should install PreVent filters on every single piece of equipment that could benefit from it. I have recommended Permatron products to many other industries I deal with. These filters can save industries thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs as well as preventing lengthy and costly downtime of their systems.”

-Scott Kearns, Gas Transfer Operations division, Siemens