Partner Therapeutics develops and commercializes innovative oncology and infectious disease control therapies and solves other urgent clinical needs. However, the health of the HVAC system at its Washington location was in critical condition since cottonwood seeds were clogging its chiller’s condenser fins and coils, blocking critical airflow. The diagnosis was clear—the company was in dire need of effective cottonwood screens.


Partner Therapeutics’ Lynnwood, Washington facility is located in an area where trees and flora are notoriously tough on HVAC systems, and their debris can cause significant damage to coils and other internal components. If ever there was a clear-cut case for the PreVent system’s air intake filters that serve as cottonwood screens, this was it.

The company’s maintenance team spent 12-16 hours every spring hand-picking and cleaning cottonwood seeds and other debris—including leaves, seedlings, pine cones, pine needles and other contaminants—from their three EA water chillers. All three units had to be shut down to accomplish this task, and the impact was felt throughout the business. Production lines that manufactured life-saving therapies stood still, and business was disrupted.


Cottonwood screen relief was needed—stat. So the Facility Manager contacted the local Permatron distributor, Trane Supply, and spoke with Account Manager Randy Akers.

Mr. Akers knew that Permatron manufactured superior cottonwood screens. He explained the many advantages of the PreVent system and why it’s the number one prefilter available.

  • They save you money. On average, the PreVent system lowers HVAC repair costs by 30%, reduces HVAC cleaning costs by more than 25%, and cuts HVAC maintenance costs by up to two-thirds.
  • They protect your equipment. PreVent air intake filter screens stop airborne debris before it can enter A/C units, cooling towers, chillers and other HVAC equipment, protecting the vulnerable fill material and coils inside.
  • They are customized. PreVent screens are custom-made in the USA to fit on the outside of any air intake, including special shapes and cutouts.
  • They improve equipment performance. PreVent filters help interior, high efficiency air filters last longer, and HVAC systems work better and more efficiently.
  • They are easy to install. PreVent filters are fast and easy to install using Permatron’s secure and patented MagnaMount® earth magnet fasteners, with no tools or drilling required.
  • Maintenance is simple. Each PreVent filter can be simply brushed or hosed clean with zero downtime.
  • They are built to last. PreVent cottonwood screens come with a five-year warranty, are UV protected, stand up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals, high-velocity airflow, and industrial cleaning and maintenance.

After hearing about the advantages of the PreVent system, its high-quality construction, and its many success stories, the Facility Manager immediately ordered custom-made PreVent screens for all three chillers.


With the PreVent system providing cottonwood screen relief, the pulse of business at Partner Therapeutics couldn’t be stronger. Because they fit on the outside of a unit, the maintenance team now spends minutes brushing off PreVent filters instead of days and can focus on other high-priority tasks during cottonwood season. In addition, productivity has increased since seasonal downtime has been eliminated.

The Facility Manager’s message to Mr. Akers at Trane Supply? “Thanks again for helping us source and implement the PreVent system. We’ll likely want to have a few more cottonwood screens made for outdoor supply ducting soon.”

Permatron: The #1 Source for Cottonwood Screens

Tired of wasting time manually picking airborne debris from your chillers? Ready to eliminate unnecessary and expensive downtime? Looking for the gold standard in cottonwood screens? To ensure your organization’s good health with the PreVent system, contact us.

“There’s a reason we showcase Permatron screens front and center in our showrooms. This part of Washington faces a torrent of environmental debris. Nothing comes close to the quality, craftsmanship, ease of installation, and quick ROI our customers get by installing the PreVent system on their chillers and air intakes.” –Randy Akers, Trane Supply