northwind portable ac unit with custom air solutions

Expect the unexpected. Whether you are describing a high tech computer server room servicing Fortune 500 companies, a massive white tent containing hundreds of people at an outdoor charity event in July heat or the sand fields of Iraq in the midst of a war zone, portable air conditioners are a crucial piece of equipment that must be built for the unexpected. Portable cooling equipment designed to exceed the rigors of temporary and unpredictable rental market applications must be manufactured to be extremely adaptable, rugged and to deliver 100% continuous duty. Just position a portable air conditioning unit where it’s needed, plug it in, and turn the thermostat to the desired cooling. Everything in life should be that simple. For NorthWind, Incorporated’s state-of-the-art line of Tundra portable air conditioners, cold air is that simple and easy to maintain. It doesn’t matter if the problem is space cooling, process cooling, spot cooling or people cooling; their unit effectively cools commercial and industrial spaces with an operating range from 50°F to 115°F+ at virtually any humidity level. northwind inside components with custom air filters North Wind designed the Tundra series around a powerfully unique, 2-speed external rotor, forward curved blower dynamically balanced in 2 planes, supplied by Rosenberg-Ecofit. This blower system guarantees that optimal air can be delivered with minimal noise and vibration. To accommodate the powerful air movement created, each unit contains 2-4 air intakes, depending on the unit size. Air movement throughout the condensing components flows at a rate of approximately 600 CFM per ton, which depending on the unit size can be up to 4,500 CFM in a 7.5 ton unit. The unit’s static pressure, or the amount of air pressure created by the blower, can range from .5″ – 1.3″ ESP.  Air flow through the heat absorbing evaporator blower flows at a rate of approximately 400 CFM per ton, or up to 3,000 CFM in a NorthWind Kodiak series 7.5 ton unit.

PreVent Air Intake Filter Solutions

Prevent Air Intake Screen Filter Holding FrameEvery NorthWind unit includes Permatron’s PreVent® electrostatic air filters to help reduce the amount of dust being drawn into the condenser and evaporator air intakes no matter what the application throws at them. Air filters, upstream of each coil, are mandatory to protect the aluminum 14 fins per inch coils that would normally clog up with debris, and restrict air flow over critical components, forcing systems to run longer cycles at reduced capacity and higher temperatures. Sandwiched between a protective outer aluminum grill and a wire filter retainer grid, PreVent air filters are custom made, with sonic welded edges keeping the filter smooth, flat, and space-saving.

Portable Air Conditioning Filters – Commercial and Industrial Applications

In portable air conditioning, size is important. The units must be designed to be compact, and be able fit through a standard 32″ wide door. PreVent air intake filters are UV protected polypropylene and stand up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive environments, and high velocity air flow. In commercial and industrial grade portable air conditioners, foam filters become brittle over time and lose their effectiveness. Metal mesh filters are difficult to handle in this application, and might require tackifiers in order to work. North Wind’s owners, Joe Pius and John Spencer, with their combined 70 years of air conditioning experience, both believe that Permatron’s PreVent filters stand up to the unmatched quality of their units. Recommended maintenance of these reusable air intake filters includes removing the easy lift out filter and frame assembly bi-weekly, and simply rinsing it clean with water. Compare this to hours of hand cleaning, power washing or using messy chemical solvents to clean the fins and the choice becomes clear. The portable air conditioning rental market demands easy-to-operate and maintain equipment in any type of indoor or outdoor environment. PreVent’s unique and versatile design helps portable cooling equipment meet this goal.