Thank you for your interest in Permatron air filters. We do not sell direct to homeowners. You can purchase our products from your local HVAC contractor or refer to the list below of catalog/retail website partners where you can ask for product information, purchase online and have the air filter shipped directly to you.

Contractors Choice Air Filter

Electronic Air Cleaner Prefilter & Afterfilter Kit

Range Hood Metal Mesh Filter

metal mesh appliance filter

Range Hood Odor/Fume Removal Filter

Activated Carbon Aluminum Mesh Air Filter

Model IN & Model HFA Air Filters

Model IN Air Filter

Wall/Window AC Filters Cut-to-Fit

Register Vent Air Filter Cut-to-Fit

Disposable Fan Shroud / Fan Guard Bonnet

Nonwoven Polyester Fan Shroud Air Filter

MagnaMount® Mount Clips Earth Magnet 12-Pack

magnamount 12 pack

Mount Clip 100-Pack

Plastic Mount Clips

Mount Clip 12-Pack

Plastic Mount Clips

PreVent® Model R Magnetic Intake Filter

PreVent Magnetic Intake Filter