How PreVent Air Intake Filters Save the Equipment in Electronic Enclosures 

With process equipment, each component, from hardware to air filters, must work seamlessly and flawlessly. But keeping equipment in tip-top shape is not easy—they must be kept cool and clean to maintain maximum productivity. Electronic enclosures are valuable because they protect equipment from externaElectronic Enclosurel contaminants, but the contents inside can also heat up in a hurry. Fortunately, electronic enclosures are equipped with cooling systems but, unfortunately, outside dust and debris can get inside and cause those systems to break down. The result is dirty and overheated equipment which can cause a chain reaction of problems, including slowing production, escalating maintenance costs and, ultimately, creating a headache for you and your business.

Thankfully, Permatron’s PreVent air intake filters can keep electronic enclosures working at maximum efficiency. With easy installation and cleaning that takes minutes, our PreVent filters ensure the equipment keeps working at all hours of the day.

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