How Permatron Air Filters Enhance Air Quality for Ferries, Ships and Boats

The maritime industry is a challenging environment for air filtration systems due to its harsh conditions. The salty sea air, high humidity and corrosive nature of the marine environment can cause severe damage to critical electronic equipment, propulsion alternator intakes and propulsion consoles. Inadequate filtration can also compromise indoor air quality for the crews’ quarters and passenger areas. Traditional air filters may not be able to withstand these conditions, which can lead to costly maintenance and health/safety hazards.

To ensure proper air circulation, it’s important to consider the airflow, the operating environment, the space constraints and the maintenance requirements. Air filtration is an important aspect of maintaining indoor air quality, but finding a proper filter that also withstands water ingress can be a challenge. Fortunately, Permatron’s washable polypropylene air filters have proven to be the proper solution, as they work well in wet and damp environments. These filters work better as prefilters in a filter bank in place of metal mesh filters to protect higher-efficiency disposables. They can also be washed and reused, making them a cost-effective, UV-protected option.

One of the biggest benefits of Permatron’s air filters is their ability to protect costly machinery. The filter captures airborne debris and contaminants, preventing them from entering equipment and causing damage. As a result, Permatron filters extend equipment lifespans, reduce maintenance costs and improve overall operational efficiency.

Moreover, Permatron’s air filters also improve air quality for occupants. The humid and damp maritime environment is prone to mold growth, which can damage materials, compromise air quality and lead to costly repairs and maintenance. However, polypropylene media prevents dust particles and bacteria from circulating in the air and building up in ships. Additionally, polypropylene media is non-porous, meaning that moisture cannot build on the filters, preventing mold growth. All told, Permatron filters can create a safer and healthier working environment for employees and guests on board ferries, yachts and other maritime vessels.

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