Air Conditioner Filters

Today’s busy lifestyles mean that people are spending 60-90% of their time indoors. For those who live in warm climates, having an air conditioner is a necessity. The job of an air conditioner is to move the hot and humid air from inside your home to the outside and in return blow cool air back into your home.

How Air Conditioning Works

An air conditioning filter system circulates the air in your home and extracts excess moisture to control humidity in muggy warm weather climates. The three main components of an air conditioning system include:

  • The condenser  is the outdoor unit that really powers the whole operation.
  • The evaporator is the indoor component that is located on the top of your furnace or air handler.
  • The line set is the set of copper tubes that carry refrigerant back and forth between condenser and evaporator.

As the air is recirculated between the indoor and outdoors, dust, dirt and environmental particles can build up on the condenser air intake fins and coils.  Airborne contaminants will settle on the coil surfaces, adversely affecting the coils’ ability to provide adequate heat transfer.  Excessive accumulation of particles will also plug up the air intake fins, and block critical air flow.  Both of these things force the compressor to work harder to maintain desired temperatures.  The harder your air conditioning unit works, the more energy it uses, ultimately leads to equipment failure. The replacement cost of a compressor is a considerable cost to a homeowner.

Keep the Air Conditioner Clean to Increase Energy Efficiency

The operation of your air conditioner depends on the free flow of air over the coil.  While most homeowners are aware of the interior 1″ thick  air filter located upstream of the evaporator coil, in a return grille or in a special slot in their duct system, many are not aware that they should also install a filter screen to keep their outdoor compressor clean. Environmental elements, like cottonwood seeds or laundry lint that gets sucked into the air intake fins will block the air flow and cause the compressor to work harder to move the warm air out of your home.

Wall and window air conditioners work on a similar principle. They have a cooling system that refrigerates the air entering the unit and then expels the heat from the back of the air conditioner. On most models, the air filter is easily accessible by removing the front panel. Over time, dust and dirt will build up on the inside of the air conditioner’s condenser coils without proper filtration. Dirt build up will require your AC unit to work harder to remove heat and increase energy consumption and your monthly electric bill.


Air conditioner air filters keep fins and coils clean to maintain peak equipment efficiency, longer service life and significant energy savings.