No Fluff: Here’s Why You Need an Electrostatic Cottonwood Filter

Imagine you oversee an industrial or commercial facility where every piece of machinery and worker is critical. Now envision the chaos that ensues as pesky cottonwood seedlings clog your air intakes, suddenly disrupting your operations.

Despite their soft, fluffy appearance, cottonwood seedlings are more than just a nuisance—they can pose a significant threat to your manufacturing facility and your business. Even a gentle breeze can cause millions of tiny seedlings to travel through the air, getting sucked in at rates up to 23,000 cfm and blocking HVAC equipment strainers, fill material, fins and filters. As a result, air quality and cooling is reduced, causing workers’ health and system processes to be compromised. Metal mesh filters can prevent cottonwood from entering HVAC units, but cleaning and maintaining the filters often becomes a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. However, there is a better cottonwood filter option—washable electrostatic filters. These filters prevent clogs and are a superior alternative to traditional metal mesh and other types of prefilters.

How Do Electrostatic Filters Work?

An electrostatic air filter uses static electricity to attract and trap various airborne particles. Electric charges are generated in the filter’s media when air flows through them. As particles suspended in the air stream flow through the filter, they pass through a section that charges the particles. This process is called ionization. Next, the charges pass through a section in the filter with an opposite charge, which draws the charged particles into the filter media, where they are captured, much like iron filings onto a magnet. There are numerous benefits that electrostatic air filters have over more traditional filters:

Superior Filtration

Washable electrostatic air filters have an advanced mechanism for trapping contaminants, including fine particulates like pollen, dust and cottonwood seeds. Electrostatic filters are designed to attract and hold onto particulates until washed clean. When used as prefilters within a filter bank system, these air filter successfully remove larger airborne contaminants, allowing higher efficiency stage 2 or 3 air filters to work longer and more efficiently.

Cost Effective and Sustainable

An electrostatic cottonwood filter is reusable, as opposed to conventional, disposable filters. Their durable polypropylene media stands up to moist and corrosive environments. They can be cleaned and reused multiple times, drastically reducing the need for replacement. This not only cuts operational costs in half, but also minimizes waste.

Improved Airflow

Washable electrostatic filters are engineered to maintain optimal airflow, thereby enhancing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems and potentially reducing energy bills by up to 15%. This improved airflow also helps maintain a consistent temperature.

Health Benefits

The fine filtration capability of washable cottonwood filters effectively captures allergens and pollutants from the air. By grabbing these particulates, the filters reduce the symptoms of respiratory conditions, such as asthma and allergies, making them an ideal choice for environments with workers.


Washable electrostatic polypropylene air filters are easy to maintain. They don’t require specialized tools or cleaning solutions—a simple rinse or gentle vacuuming of this smooth, nonporous filter media is often enough to restore them.

Permatron: Strong Filters that are Built to Last

Permatron PreVent filters are designed as a first line of defense against cottonwood seeds, surpassing the standard capabilities of a traditional metal mesh or disposable media filter. PreVent filters are crafted with a thermoplastic fiber fabric, chosen for low airflow resistance and high debris-holding capacity. These filters do not shed fibers or absorb moisture and are impervious to mold, bacteria and fungi. PreVent filters also come in an array of styles, including various mounting options and frames.

The Last Word

By opting for washable electrostatic air filters, you’re not just purchasing a protection plan—you’re investing in your equipment’s longevity and the quality of your products. With Permatron leading the charge in cottonwood filters with the PreVent system air intake filters, the choice to switch is clearer than ever. Contact us today and see why there’s only 1 Permatron.

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