How Permatron Helps Keep Data Centers Running Smoothly

photo: interior of clean and well-lit data centerData centers power everything from simple email communication to cloud storage for Fortune 500 companies. However, they run at a very high cost. According to a report by the International Energy Agency, data centers in the United States consumed 460TWh of energy in 2022, with half of that dedicated to cooling IT equipment. With more data centers popping up that are driven by activities like Bitcoin mining and AI, energy consumption is poised to increase up to 1,000 TWh by 2026. In light of these demands, data center operators are under increasing pressure to optimize their cooling systems to manage the anticipated uptick in energy consumption.

The Challenge of Energy

Data centers run nonstop and the interior gets hot. In fact, they generate upwards of 50MW of heat inside the facilities. This is only expected to increase as cloud services, edge computing, IoT, AI and other technologies improve and expand. Without mitigation, this intense heat would break down the servers, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. To adhere to ASHRAE’s data center operating temperature range of 18 to 27°C (64 to 81°F), cooling towers must be installed to regulate temperatures and expel the hot air that’s generated.

The Maintenance Woes of Cooling Towersphoto: PreVent system installed on the outdoor face of a cooling tower

Cooling towers combine outside air with water throughout the tower’s extended surface fill medium to induce cooling. Cooling tower fans must move large volumes of air and water efficiently, which results in bugs, dust, environmental debris like cottonwood seeds and other contaminants being drawn in. Because of that, cooling tower HVAC systems need to be cleaned regularly, but that can create a whole host of other problems. Cooling tower HVAC units are oversized, situated in hard-to-reach places and become more prone to damage if not cleaned by a professional. As filter media gain more particulate and airflow is restricted, the fan speed needs to be increased, making it work even harder to maintain the operating temperature. Keeping cooling towers efficient while finding ways to mitigate the cleaning challenges requires an innovative solution.

Here’s What You Need to Protect Your Data Centers

Permatron’s PreVent air intake filter system directly addresses those challenges. The prefilter is strategically placed outside HVAC units or cooling towers, creating an easy-to-reach yet formidable barrier against debris, bugs, leaves and dust. PreVent also increases energy efficiency and reduces capital expenses caused by HVAC repair. By incorporating the PreVent air intake filter system into your data centers, you can simplify maintenance, reduce energy consumption and increase cooling tower efficiency.

Other benefits of installing PreVent systems include:
photo: rooftop cooling towers

  • Prolonging fill material lifespan and promoting optimal heat transfer
  • Minimizing sludge accumulation in water basins, reducing the need for chemicals
  • Preventing clogging of strainers, spray nozzles and blowdown valves
  • Combating bacterial proliferation by eliminating debris nutrients
  • Avoiding downtime and costly cleaning due to fouling
  • Diffusing sunlight to reduce algae growth

If you prefer to avoid directly mounting the screen to the equipment, Permatron offers a simple solution with their secure and patented MagnaMount® earth magnets, which require no drilling and install in minutes. PreVent filters are made from single and double-layer media with unique constructions. There are many PreVent models to choose from, all of which are great for protecting data centers.

  • Model R: Made of 2 layers of black honeycomb polypropylene electrostatic media and contains a ¼” rigid black steel frame and a pull tab for easy access.
  • Model U: Made of washable three-dimensional electrostatic polypropylene BHC media and encased in a 1-1/4” sewn vinyl edge with double stitching.
  • Model BHA: Constructed of one layer of washable black PVC-coated polyester high-abrasion media and encased in a 1-1/4” sewn vinyl edge with double stitching.
  • Model PF: Includes a media front panel and heavy-duty wire support back panel and a 1” or 2” thick galvanized steel frame that slides into existing filter racks, replacing disposable filters or metal mesh.

Protect Your Data Centers with Permatron

As data centers require greater energy, protecting their cooling towers becomes even more indispensable. Choosing Permatron isn’t just a prudent decision, it’s a strategic investment to keep your data centers running efficiently.

See why Permatron is #1 for data center air filtration solutions, or contact us to learn more.

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