PreVent® Wrap-Around Coil Protecting Air Conditioner Filter

Permatron’s  patented PreVent Equipment Protection Filter (Model PREVENTWA) is a washable synthetic fabric media, which traps airborne particulates before they enter the air conditioner condenser. The filter media needs no electrical connection or system modification.  PreVent filter screens are also available in custom sizes for large commercial / industrial cooling systems, check out the PreVent System.

Clean Coils + Good Air Flow = Cool Air

As the air conditioner runs, dirt, leaves, cottonwood and other debris get pulled into the outdoor condensing unit.  This clogs the cooling coil fins.  Clogged fins restrict air flow needed to operate the air conditioner.  As a result, the equipment loses it’s cooling capacity.  Electrical costs rise and equipment breaks down early.  The average cost of a new A/C system is $3,500-$4,000 in a 2,000 square foot home.  And the minimum cost to replace a burned out compressor is $1,000.  According to EPA research 0.042″ of dirt on an AC coil can reduce its efficiency by 21%.

cost to run dirty ac unit

PreVent Is Easy To Install and Maintain

This filter is available in a one size fits all, cut-to-fit style using black PVC coated polyester high abrasion media.  Simply wrap the filter around the outer perimeter of the air intake fins and secure in place with included elastic bungee cord hook attachments.  Trim off excess filter material with a scissors.  Built with durability in mind, PreVent will stand up to hostile environments including corrosive areas, UV exposure and fluctuating weather conditions.   Filter is easily removed and cleaned by spraying with a mild cleaner and rinsing with water or vacuumed in place by using a shopvac.  Filter is available in  38″ x 110″ and comes packaged with (3) 20″ bungee cords.

Installing PreVent Video


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PreVent wrap around air conditioner filter keeps the outside condenser coil clean and saves you money on energy costs and repairs.