Air in Motion: The Value of Recirculating Fans Across Various Industries


Recirculating air systems are a reliable way to save energy by reusing the air that enters buildings to heat or cool the room instead of exhausting it outside. Over the years, these fans have transformed from being basic circulation tools to advanced components critical for optimizing airflow. Originally designed for confined spaces, recirculating fans have found vast uses to improve ventilation to reduce humidity, remove odors and optimize indoor air quality (IAQ) in spaces of all sizes.

Amid rising electricity costs, including those for heating and cooling, recirculating fans and filters need to work flawlessly in order to keep costs down and reduce downtime. Each industry finds different benefits for using recirculating fans, making their applications vast and varied. In manufacturing plants, where precision and consistency are paramount, recirculating fans aid in maintaining temperatures, ensuring a stable environment for producing goods. Chemical and pharmaceutical plants rely on recirculating fans to regulate airflow. This improves worker well-being by preventing the buildup of breathable fumes or hazardous particles. Recirculating fans, particularly those equipped with PreVent® 3-D air filters, not only keep consistent temperatures and maintain food quality, but they can also keep dust and debris out of office spaces, manufacturing floors and more.


Uninterrupted Clean Air: Advanced Protection for Equipment, Workers and Products

While recirculating fans are generally effective, they inevitably collect dust and debris during operation. As air circulates, tiny particles accumulate on the fan’s surface, gradually impeding their function and releasing those particles back into their environments. To keep the fans running smoothly, it’s crucial to employ effective measures to contain these airborne particles.

PreVent 3-D air filters are intended to trap dust, debris, and other contaminants before they can be blown back down into their respective environments. PreVent offers a diverse selection of filter types in various sizes and styles to make sure your recirculating fan keeps operating at its best, regardless of the application.

While recirculating fans keep air flowing, PreVent 3-D fan guard filters shield equipment and protect workers and products from contaminants. Their structure allows them to easily cover and protect fans or vents, providing greater protection against the ingress of dust, dirt, lint fibers and other particles. They are washable and available in a single layer of black (UV protected) or white (FDA approved) woven electrostatic polypropylene.

Amidst the challenges posed by particle contamination in industrial environments, PreVent offers several other innovative solutions to enhance equipment longevity and maintain optimal performance.

Bonnet-Style Filters: PreVent bonnet-style filters play a crucial role in preventing cross-contamination while simultaneously extending the lifespan of air circulator fans. By strategically placing the bonnet-style filter on the front of the fan guard, it acts as a proactive barrier, intercepting and capturing particles that might otherwise blow out and compromise the integrity of the products or workers. Industries include electronics, food service, HVACR, industrial enclosures, medical, military, power generation, processing plants, telecom and wind turbines.

Fan Shrouds: Installed on the back of the fan guard and engineered to attract and hold particles before they reach the fan blades and equipment, fan shrouds act as an effective defense against particle build-up and blow-off. As air circulates, the shroud efficiently traps contaminants, preventing them from infiltrating the equipment. Industries served include appliances, food processing, food service, industrial applications, medical, office buildings and processing plants.

Diffusers: PreVent diffusers are positioned strategically within ceiling grid systems to act as a first line of defense against dust before it has a chance to be blown down. Diffusers can be used in data centers, medical buildings and office buildings.

Recirculating fans have become more than just basic components of air filtration. These fans play a pivotal role in maintaining temperatures, ventilation and air quality to keep environments conducive. By optimizing airflow and fostering a stable atmosphere, recirculating fans keep air flowing while protecting and defending fans and workers from harm’s way.


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