Let’s Demystify Mist Eliminators. Here’s Why You Need Them.

In industries where downtime isn’t an option, a mist eliminator can be a lifesaver. That’s because mist eliminators provide crucial protection for equipment against potential damage caused by liquid droplets and contamination. But how does a mist eliminator work, and why are they indispensable? Here’s what you need to know.

What is a mist eliminator and why is it important?

A mist eliminator is installed on the outside of HVAC equipment, where it plays a key role in reducing product contamination. Mist eliminators use both motion and a barrier filter to effectively eliminate particulates, condensation and oil from process air. It collects oil or other droplets from the air stream and redirects them away from the cooling coils and into the appropriate drains. These devices are especially valuable in settings such as manufacturing plants, chemical processing facilities and other industrial environments where liquid droplets pose a direct threat to equipment integrity.

Without a proper collection mechanism, mist can be drawn in and amalgamate into a solidified substance (also known as fouling), presenting operational problems and a serious fire hazard. Therefore, the role of a mist eliminator extends beyond just filtering those particulates out—it acts as a preventative measure to keep equipment and people safe.

The Benefits of a Mist Eliminator

Improves Air Quality
Mist eliminators maintain a safe and clean working environment by capturing and removing particles that reduce indoor air quality (IAQ) such as aerosols, particulate matter and chemical vapors. This is particularly crucial in industries like metalwork, pharmaceutical manufacturing or food processing where various outputs result in large quantities of fine droplets that can pose a potential threat to IAQ.

Promotes Well-Being
Studies have shown, including one from the Harvard School of Public Health, that poor IAQ results in lower cognition and reduced productivity. Installing filters with high particulate efficiency, such as mist eliminators, becomes critical in efficiently trapping those harmful particles. By removing them from the air, mist eliminators subsequently promote the well-being and performance of workers.

Keeps Equipment Running
Mist, when left uncontrolled, poses a threat to industrial equipment including cooling towers and heat exchangers. If not addressed, it can result in a cascade of issues, such as decreased operational efficiency, heightened maintenance requirements and equipment failure. A mist eliminator acts as a protective barrier to prevent mist from reaching and adversely affecting these industrial assets.

Protects Workers
Depending on the industry, chemical solvents, VOCs or other biological agents can seep back onto manufacturing floors through exhausts. These hazardous substances pose health risks upon inhalation or skin contact. Eventually, constant contact can even result in chronic health conditions. By installing mist eliminators, you remove the risk and create a safer workplace by minimizing personnel exposure to these potentially harmful particles.

Eliminate the Stress of Mist Accumulation with a Mist Eliminator from Permatron

Our mist eliminators excel in even the harshest environments. They are designed with aluminum slits and are expanded into a mesh of differing densities with hundreds of baffle-like surfaces to ensure maximum filtration and internal loading capabilities. Our Model MME takes this innovative design further by being constructed of multiple layers of bonded and corrugated aluminum with a 1” or 2” thick galvanized steel frame. These filters are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and excel in high heat applications.

If you’re looking for an innovative solution, PermaFlo is an excellent mist eliminator. It is designed to offer lower resistance to airflow while maintaining the outstanding performance of polyester air filter media. With exceptional MERV 8, MERV 6 and MERV 5 ratings, high particulate efficiency, antimicrobial protection, and a bi-directional airflow design, it serves as a superior alternative to metal mesh mist eliminators.

Plus, like all our products, Permatron mist eliminators are backed by our exceptional service, fast turnaround time and made-in-the-USA quality.

For more information on how Permatron mist eliminators can wipe out any concerns of fouling, worker safety and more, contact us.

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