PreVent® Model R Air Intake Filter

PreVent Model R1 or Model R2 is an air intake equipment high flow protection filter that draws in and traps airborne particulates before they can enter the system. Constructed with one or two layers of 3-dimensional black honeycomb polypropylene electrostatic air filter media, PreVent Model R air intake filters are encased in a 1/8″-3/8″ rigid galvanized steel frame in various thicknesses. These air filters can slide into air filter holding channels or be finished with our patented magnetic mount strips used for flat surface indoor equipment applications,or a Z bracket to keep multiple intake filters side-by-side.

money saving product winner logo_117x77BUILDINGS magazine selected PreVent as an HVAC Fix – 2014 Money-Saving Product winner. PreVent Air Intake Prefilter is part of an elite group of products showcased in the magazine’s June 2014 issue.


  • Washable UV protected media, stands up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive chemicals, high velocity air flow, as well as industrial cleaning and maintenance.
  • Independent testing, conducted by UL Laboratories, showed PreVent Filters cause less than 1% change in system discharge pressure. The filter has a low .02-.05 in. w.g. initial resistance to air flow depending on the filter media and number of layers required.
  • BHC polypropylene media is heat stabilized, and will not shed fibers, absorb moisture or promote bacterial growth.
  • Inherent electrostatic charge delivers a higher particle arrestance efficiency and enhanced ability to capture and hold smaller particles.
  • Custom air filter made to the exact perimeter of the air inlet or outlet.
  • Steel frame options include stainless steel, aluminum or painted black steel. Magnetic attachment not available on aluminum frame. Stainless steel is recommended for larger applications.
  • Steel frame can be converted to 1/2″ or 1″ depth to add more room for covering a protruding air intake, by adding a “C” frame.
  • Standard Model R 5 year warranty; extended warranty available upon request.
  • Magnetic Attachment 2 year warranty.

Model R

Magnetic Strip Attachment


  • The distributor you got me in contact with sent me the three PreVent Model R filters I was looking for. They are working great. Thank You.

    Robert M. CoutureSeaman Paper Company of Massachusetts, 3rd Class Steam Engineer
  • Thanks for the cleaning info, I love my PreVent filters as they saved me a lot of time on the roof in the extreme heat last summer. I've found a damp terry cloth rag removes the cotton very well. Thanks for the YouTube videos!

    Julie OsterbauerMahtomedi Schools
  • The R2 filters I have sold have worked very well. They do as advertised, by keeping the inside of our air compressors clean. No customer complaints after the sale and no problems with the construction of the washable filters. Your delivery times are fast and your customer service agents are a pleasure to work with. I look forward in continuing our business relationship with Permatron in 2013 and thank you for all of the continued support that we receive in making our compressors work better.

    John JarrattAir Compressor Energy Systems, Louisiana
  • As you know, we offer your R2 magnetic filters as an option on our air compressors. The feedback from our sales people and customers has been very positive. The product is durable and offers a quality alternative to disposable filters. We are very pleased with the quick delivery times. In addition, the product does an excellent job keeping dirt away from the critical components on our compressors. As you probably know, compressors tend to be installed in the worst possible location. Just look for the hottest, dirtiest place in a plant and you will usually find the air compressor. Without the R2 filters our customers would experience greater service costs on their equipment

    Drew JohnsonKaeser Compressors
  • I just sent off an email to my manager giving him all the info from Permatron so he can get this out to the rest of our After Market Sales people. I told him how happy I am and so are the customers that I been getting your product out to. Thanks for all your help with my end.

    Jim GoschAtlas Copco Compressors LLC
  • I was not familiar with Permatron R-2 filters until I started working at Delta Industries. Now that I see how well the R-2 filters have been working I talk them up to my customers. A couple of our customers were so impressed the decision to apply R-2 filters to other applications such as water chillers and electrical control cabinets have proven successful. Industrial applications we have placed R-2 filters include machine shops, foundries, woodworking shops and even the CTA in a dusty bus garage. Other applications that have proven successful are shops that operate with open doors especially during the cotton wood and dandelion seeding seasons

    Jim ApplebyDelta Industries, Downers Grove, IL
  • I use the PreVent Model R filters with magnetic option that allows them to stick to the ironsteel surface of my Kaeser compressors, Kaeser air dryer and YASKAWA inverter on a Braun washer. I rinse with hot water once a week. These can be used in many applications and do save significant time for maintenancePM work. I also have installed this type filtration on all HVAC units. Easily eliminates 90% of lintdust that otherwise enters these areas

    Mark WearAramark Uniform Services, Oklahoma City, OK

Custom made to the exact perimeter of the air inlet or outlet, PreVent prefilters can easily attach magnetically to metal cabinets.