Disposable Fan Shroud Air Filter

Processing plant workers, as well as items manufactured with heat, require air cooling. Typically this cooling comes from recirculating fans that blow onto the product before it can be packaged or onto workers manning the assembly line. Unfortunately, the mobile and pedestal style air circulator fan components can also become covered in airborne contaminants as the equipment air intake draws in facility air, picks up the environmental particles which then spread throughout the motor, blades and fan guards, and can potentially be blown back out into the facility and onto the finished product.

Fan Shroud Captures Cooling Fan Dust

The fan shroud filter fits securely on the backside of a fan guard, covers the backside of the fan cage and wraps around the motor encasement. The filter bonnet is held securely in place with an elastic edge attachment and hook/loop closure.

Available in disposable nonwoven polyester, the fan shroud attracts and holds the particles before they can enter the equipment, eliminating particle build-up and blow-off. Easily removed, the disposable polyester fan shrouds can be changed out and disposed of depending on the facility needs. Worker indoor air quality, the cooling equipment, and the freshly made products stay clean. Shrouds are available in a case count of 12.

AIB Safety Audit and Inspection guidelines used in food processing plants include Dust Collection and Filtering Devices be put in place to prevent possible contamination to food products from threads, lint and fibers. Bonnet filters or fan shrouds would enable a facility to pass the AIB audit.

PreVent® equipment protection bonnet fan guards, fan shrouds, vent caps, ceiling diffusers and inlet/outlet sock style filters are also available in washable electrostatic polypropylene.

Fan Shroud

Fan Bonnet

Disposable Bonnets

Available in disposable nonwoven polyester, fits over the circular front side of a fan guard grill to stop dust and dirt from blowing out into the environment. Measure UP and OVER the front half of the grill.

3D Fan Filters Measure & Install Video


  • We receive outstanding customer service, receiving our products in a timely manner and are of excellent quality. Measuring for PreVent air intake filter is easy to understand and complete. Installing PreVent is simple and the product works efficiently.

    Jake DanielsDaniels Filter Service, Des Moines, IA
  • Thanks to Permatron screens maintenance engineers in Utah save tons or time in preventive maintenance. Thank you Permatron!

    Mike ReidyRoto Aire Sales and Service
  • The installation of the Permatron PreVent filter has saved us money, reduced downtime, and to date eliminated any possible environmental outages.

    Gary WilcoxOsram Sylvania
  • I just sent off an email to my manager giving him all the info from Permatron so he can get this out to the rest of our After Market Sales people. I told him how happy I am and so are the customers that I been getting your product out to. Thanks for all your help with my end.

    Jim GoschAtlas Copco Compressors LLC
  • I use the PreVent Model R filters with magnetic option that allows them to stick to the ironsteel surface of my Kaeser compressors, Kaeser air dryer and YASKAWA inverter on a Braun washer. I rinse with hot water once a week. These can be used in many applications and do save significant time for maintenancePM work. I also have installed this type filtration on all HVAC units. Easily eliminates 90% of lintdust that otherwise enters these areas

    Mark WearAramark Uniform Services, Oklahoma City, OK

Bonnet fan guards, fan shrouds, vent caps, ceiling diffuser and inlet/outlet sock style filters are also available in washable electrostatic polypropylene.