The Cicadas Are Coming—Install the PreVent® System for Ultimate HVAC Equipment Protection

cicada in handSince 2004, The Great Eastern Brood of periodic cicadas has been maturing underground. Also known as Brood X, these 17-year insects will emerge by the billions—or tens of billions—across a broad range of northeastern states in 2021. If your facility is located in these areas, you’ll want to install the PreVent system now to provide HVAC equipment protection and air intake protection, and ensure smooth operations.

Where and when will the cicadas emerge?

Brood X is expected to emerge in parts or all of Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. These are the areas where cicada control will be most critical. Density may be record-setting—several hundred thousand per square acre is normal, and it could exceed 1.5 million. They are expected to appear in early May and June, and feed day and night on the sap of trees and woody plants for 30-50 days as adults.

Is my business at risk?

If your business is located in the states mentioned above, and your air intakes, evaporative condensers and cooling towers are near trees and wooded areas, the more you should take proactive steps now. These hard-shelled critters will get sucked into your equipment as they fly to the nearest tree for a meal, so air intake protection is essential. In short, if you’ve had cicada trouble before, and the nearby soil and forested areas haven’t been disturbed, it’s likely that you’ll have problems again.

What kind of damage are we talking about?PreVent Installation Building Air Intakes

While only about the size of your little finger, periodic cicadas can wreak havoc with your HVAC system and maintenance budget. An effective solution will stop cicadas from:

  • Clogging cooling tower fill and reducing airflow
  • Obstructing heat exchangers
  • Impeding internal filters
  • Loading intake air ducts with insect debris
  • Reducing internal air quality
  • Causing excessive service and maintenance costs
  • Requiring more frequent filter changes
  • Increasing production downtime, lost productivity and missed shipmentsPreVent Installation Cooling Tower

Install the PreVent system now and safeguard your business

The PreVent system from Permatron stops cicadas before they can get inside A/C units, cooling towers and chillers. PreVent air intake filters fit on the outside of the unit, keeping cicadas from entering the system and protecting the vulnerable fill material and coils inside. They are custom-made in the U.S.A. to fit any outdoor air intake, and cicadas can be simply brushed or hosed off, with zero downtime.

PreVent 3D BonnetInstallation with our secure and patented MagnaMount® earth magnets takes minutes, with no drilling or tools. Plus, we offer the fastest turnaround in the industry and a five-year warranty.

Want even more security for your equipment, motors, workers and products? Cover your fans, vent, exhausts and ground louvers—any type of opening where cicadas can crawl into—with our 3-dimensional bonnet-style air filters.

Get cicada-proof air intake and HVAC protection with the PreVent system, and you’ll prevent the damage, disruption and expense that this historic brood can cause, while maintaining smooth operations. Best of all, once the system is in place, you’ll have outstanding defense from many other airborne contaminants as well.

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