PreVent Filter Screens Helped a Solid Waste Management Service Stop Wasting Money

Due to years of dirt and dust build-up in their AC units, South Carolina-based Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority (TRSWA) needed to replace $20,000 and $30,000 variable frequency drives. Another HVAC unit had to be replaced when a snake climbed inside and fried it. TRSWA had to shut down operations for weeks, waiting for repairs and replacements.

Their Siemens rep assessed the situation and strongly recommended TRSWA install PreVent air intake filter screens on all of their outside HVAC air intake openings. By keeping contaminants out (including dust, dirt and animals!), PreVent filter screens lower maintenance costs, and keep HVAC systems performing longer and better. For TRSWA, the cost advantages were obvious, and immediate.

Said Scott Kearns of Siemens, “I sincerely feel that each company should install PreVent filters on every single piece of equipment that could benefit from it.”

Read the entire case study here.

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