The Amazing Benefits of Washable, Eco-Friendly Electrostatic Air Filters

An air filter is a critical part of your HVAC system, protecting it from damage and helping assure long-lasting performance. From materials to frames, you have a number of different filtration options to choose from, including pleated filters or metal mesh. Electrostatic air filters, however, provide numerous advantages to those common, and inferior filter options, including our popular high-velocity Model IN electrostatic air filters. These durable, commercial-grade filters are ideal for facilities that require low airflow resistance and high dirt loads. Model IN electrostatic air filters are easy to clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

How Electrostatic Air Filters Work

Electrostatic air filters use a combination of charged airborne particulate attraction and impingement action to clean indoor air. Our popular Model IN electrostatic air filters for example contain two to four layers of white or black woven electrostatic polypropylene fabric; polypropylene provides a naturally passive electrostatic charge that helps capture debris, drawing particulates like iron fillings onto a magnet. Because static electricity charges do not dissipate over time, the electrical charges remain constant for the entire lifespan of the filter (see our earlier blog post, “Clear the air” for even more information about the long-lasting properties of electrostatic air filters.)

The Unique and Remarkable Accumulator Chamber®

Permatron’s Accumulator Chamber® is another feature that sets Permatron electrostatic air filters apart from their more pedestrian competition. The Accumulator Chamber uses a unique three-stage air filtration process that has proven remarkably successful for countless facilities (we invented it in 1957). The first stage of this three-stage process involves a prefilter, which attracts and holds airborne particulates. As particulates build up on the prefilter, airflow forces them to break off and collect inside the Accumulator Chamber. The second stage of the process occurs inside the Accumulator Chamber, where turbulence and electrostatic forces push those small particles together, forming masses that are now too large to pass through the second panel (the afterfilter), and so remain trapped in the Accumulator Chamber. The third stage of the process, the afterfilter, attracts and holds those agglomerated masses plus any remaining smaller particulates that may try to escape. The particles in and on the Accumulator Chamber and afterfilter are removed when the filter is washed clean.

The Better, More Sustainable Solution

Constantly buying and replacing air filters is not only costly but adds to landfill waste. Washable electrostatic air filters, however, offer a distinct advantage. Instead of replacing your filter time and time again, electrostatic air filters are completely washable—they can be simply sprayed with a detergent and water rinsed or vacuumed for dirt removal. Plus, in a facility with low air resistance, their superior filtration efficiency means HVAC equipment doesn’t need to work as hard, reducing energy bills and repairs.

The Model IN Advantage

Not all electrostatic air filters are created equal, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better filter, or better value, than our Model IN filters. With their sturdy wire-reinforced, high-waffle construction and galvanized steel frames, Model IN electrostatic air filters are easy to clean and more efficient than metal mesh filters, outperforming them in most applications.

Additional Model IN electrostatic air filter benefits include the following:

  • Better filtration
  • Easy cleanability
  • Low resistance
  • Longer life-span and a 5-year warranty
  • Short production lead time
  • Compatible with systems where high-velocity air and high dirt loads are pushed through limited filter surface areas
  • Available with a galvanized stainless steel frame or aluminum frame (Stainless steel frames are recommended for caustic or corrosive environments, including wet marine environments)
  • FDA approved materials
  • UL Classified as to Flammability Only
  • Drain holes positioned for easy cleaning
  • Average arrestance efficiency of 78%
  • Dust holding capacity of 130 gm
  • Initial airflow resistance 0.11″ w.g.

Permatron: Your #1 Source for Air Filters

Only Permatron delivers air filtration solutions that provide superior value, performance and consistent quality. Whether you are choosing our eco-friendly Model IN electrostatic air filters or any of our commercial-grade air filtration products, you always get a cost-effective and highly durable solution that is made 100% in the USA.

Contact us and learn more about our Accumulator Chamber.

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