Corrosion: Electronics Biggest Enemy

The problem – Salt Spray

When you plunk multi-million dollar electronics equipment in the middle of the Northern Pacific Ocean or the North Sea, you’d better have a good plan for protecting it from salt spray.

The biggest danger to your electronics is corrosion. Keeping that salt spray out is essential, so enclosures are big business on oil rigs and other equipment exposed to the unforgiving marine environment.


Solution – Permatron’s Marine FiltersMarine Filters

Permatron’s role? We provide filters that allow air to enter the enclosures and cool the electronics inside, while remaining resistant to salt spray’s corroding effects.

Our filters with their stainless steel frames and noncorrosive media have been field-tested by a Coastal Guard cutter.

Permatron filters also have health benefits in a damp environment as well. Since the woven media of polypropylene used in our filters is manufactured as a mono (single strand) filament extruded plastic, it does not have a porous surface. This means that it will not absorb or retain moisture, and does not encourage the growth of mold or bacteria.

Read more about equipment enclosures and how to protect the valuable equipment inside here.



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