Prepare Your Furnace for Fall

Colder temperatures are right around the corner, which means it is time to prepare your furnace for winter. It is important to make sure your furnace is functioning properly, safe, and is energy-efficient. Do a regular maintenance inspection; clean the furnace, change the filter, and check for leaks to confirm everything is working.

DustEater Electrostatic Air FilterWhen changing the filter, consider switching to a permanent electrostatic air filter from Permatron. Generally, you would want to replace your disposable furnace filter each month, but this can add up over time. With Permatron’s permanent electrostatic air filters, you don’t have to worry about ever replacing another home furnace filter again! Simply take the filter out each month and clean it, allow excess water to drain or shake off, and put it back into your furnace. Within a year, the cost of disposable filters will outweigh the cost of a Permatron filter.

Residential Furnace Filters – Electrostatic

Permatron air filters with electrostatic charge will also help increase the energy efficiency of your furnace. Our residential electrostatic furnace filters come with a lifetime warranty and are environmentally friendly. Switch to a permanent electrostatic air filter from Permatron today!

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