Prevent Hail Damage to HVAC System


Prevent costly-and silent–hail damage to HVAC systems before it happens

With the hail season upon us, both homeowners and facility managers are thinking about damage to roofs, drains, windows, awnings, signs and other structural elements and the costs of repairing or replacing them. But many people are unaware of just how much hail damage to HVAC systems costs them over the course of years-or of how little it costs to prevent that damage.

Even small hail that passes almost unremarked is strong enough to flatten delicate condenser fins and dent coils and significantly reduce airflow. Reduced airflow means lower energy efficiency, higher power consumption and ultimately, a shorter life span for your HVAC system.

So now, at the very start of the hail season, shouldn’t you prevent HVAC damage before it happens? Permatron HailStop Hail Guards mount easily over HVAC intakes and keep airborne debris as well as hail away from fragile, easily-crushed fins.  HailStop polypropylene guards are weather-proof and durable and can be easily cut to size.


Stop expensive damage and higher energy costs before they happen by protecting outdoor HVAC equipment easily with cost-effective Permatron HailStop Hail guards.


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