The Myths of Washable Electrostatic Filters – Part 2


Continuing on from our previous blog post, here are the rest of our myth busting reasons why permanent electrostatic furnace filters benefit your home. Read on and take the opportunity to better educate yourself on a cost-saving solution for the utility bills your furnace and HVAC system attribute to.

The premium price tag isn’t worth the money.

It is well worth the money! The average price for a normal residential furnace filter will cost about $10 and should be replaced approximately 4-6 times a year. Within 2 years, the cost of disposable filters will outweigh the cost of either DustEater® or LifeStyle® Plus lifetime-guaranteed washable electrostatic filter made by Permatron.

Washable electrostatic filters void your furnace’s warranty.

In the late 1980s-early 1990s, small startups would build their own versions of washable filters by buying frames and stuffing the channels with enough media to restrict as much particulates to enter the system as possible. The problem with this was that although these filters were filtering all types of particulates, it caused heavy air restriction that would cause the HVAC system to fail. When contractors serviced these problems, the blame was put on the washable furnace filter community. Since then, those small startup companies have long been gone. For over 50 years, Permatron has been producing high quality air solutions. While all our washable residential furnace filters do not cause system failure – given the filters are cleaned every 1-3 months – we have two low-air resistant filters that steer clear of air resistant problems caused in the past by other companies’ products: DustEater Easy Flow and the LifeStyle Plus Model LR.

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