The right air filter for your needs – from Alaska to Iraq

Talk about extremes…

Air Filter Accumulator ChamberPermatron air filters easily hold up against corrosion-inducing salt spray on a Coast Guard cutter. Our filters also protect equipment in one of the hottest, driest, dustiest environments on the planet – the deserts of Iraq, where daytime summer temperatures routinely top 120F. Permatron air filters in mobile satellite communications dishes have the
exclusive Accumulator Chamber to ensure the engine intake that powers the satellite dish remains dust-free and unclogged, even in a dust storm!

From Alaska to Iraq, Permatron custom air filters are trusted to keep equipment protected and running at optimum efficiency. Our air filters are easy to remove and clean – simply rinse them out when they need it and get them back to their duties. Permatron has the expertise and experience to custom design and manufacture air filters, no matter what conditions you operate in… no matter how extreme.

Let us show you – you can start the process by contacting us here and you’ll receive your free custom manufactured air filter sample, designed and built exclusively for you – at no charge.

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