Washable Furnace Filter for Allergy Sufferers


Challenge – Airborne Contaminants in Home or Office Environment

More than 38 million Americans exhibit some sort of allergy or respiratory problem day in and day out.  Today’s demanding lifestyles mean that people spend 60-90% of their time indoors.  The air inside even the “cleanest” home or office is loaded with millions of invisible pollutants that may be causing adverse health effects.  Harmful particles caused by seemingly harmless and necessary items, such as building materials, cleaning products, pets, office machines and appliances, are continually recirculating throughout the heating and ventilating system, affecting your indoor air quality.


Solution – Washable Furnace Filter for Homes and Offices

The DustEater utilizes two electrostatically charged fabric panels separated by our unique ACCUMULATOR CHAMBER to produce a very effective three stage filtration process.  The first washable furnace filter panel (prefilter) attracts and holds airborne particles.  The washable furnace filter’s inherent electrostatic charge enhances filtration by drawing particles onto fiber surfaces like iron fillings onto a magnet.

3-8-1-1+3-8-1-2+3-8-1-3-accumulator-chamber-colorThe 3-dimensional weave of the polypropylene fabric contributes to the washable furnace filter’s high dust holding capacity.  When particulates build up on the prefilter, air flow causes them to break off and be swept into the ACCUMULATOR CHAMBER, where turbulence and electrostatic forces cause agglomeration into even larger particles.  Those particles are too large to pass through the second washable furnace filter panel (afterfilter).  The afterfilter attracts and holds the smaller particulates that may have escaped the prefilter, or do not respond to an electrostatic charge.

The DustEater washable furnace filter is significantly more efficient than standard throw away filters that trap only very large particles. Not only are these filters less efficient but they tend to clog, restricting air flow which results in increased heating/cooling costs.  Plus, the DustEater washable furnace filter is environmentally friendly with no disposable parts, system modifications or electrical hookups.  Washable furnace filter comes with a lifetime warranty.


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