‘Tis the Season, again?

Tis the season, again  'Tis the Season, again?

Fluffy clouds of cotton floating around in the air is definitely not the most wonderful time of the year. ‘Tis the Season feared most by facility managers. They turn into the Grinch of warm weather.

Cottonwood season has arrived, and you can bet that it’s headed straight for your customer’s air intake fins and AC coils. Who needs a jolly old guy in a red suit when your customers have you?  Think the gift of giving this (cottonwood) season, and recommend PreVent ® to your customers today!

PreVent Equipment Protection Screens are a profitable add-on sale for you, and a smart investment for your customers. During the height of cottonwood season, seeds clog air intake fins and coat the coils, causing AC units to work harder. A dirty AC unit pushes up energy costs and increases the risk of equipment damage and failure. PreVent cottonwood screens minimize the need for time-consuming cleaning services and equipment downtime.

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