Benefits of HailStop Hail Guard

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Hail can be extremely destructive for buildings, and this structural hazard has become a problem in the construction industry for a long time. Although most modern day buildings are much more resistant to hail compared to the wooden constructs of the past, this does not mean a heavy hailstorm will not cause any damage to our present structures. Some fraction of the buildings are still inevitably vulnerable to hailstorms, including windows and rooftop HVAC equipment. It would be prudent to ensure that damage is minimized in the event of a hailstorm, and this is why installing the HailStop® Hail Guard Netting from Permatron ought to be a foremost preventive move for any building manager.

Preventing damage

With reports of 2 to 5-inch hail increasing in the past half-century, as well as its doubled size since the turn of the millennium, hail proves to be more of an adaptive problem than one that is closer to a solution. On the contrary, you would want to prevent any kind of damage to your sensitive rooftop HVAC equipment with the HailStop Hail Guard Netting from Permatron.

Even small-sized hail have the potential to bend and dent fins in your HVAC equipment -and this will inadvertently lead to blocked air flow. At a reduced operating efficiency, you will find the HVAC equipment working to a greater extent, in the long run, to compensate for the lack of air flow. Eventually, this will strain your HVAC equipment far sooner than its intended lifespan. Needless to say, larger-sized hail will be able to cause more serious damage that will burn a large hole in any building manager’s pockets.  Combing, a common way to repair dented fins and coils, is a tedious process and can take a contractor from two to four hours per unit to perform at an hourly rate of $150.  Replacing the fins and coils can average $3000 to $5000.  Replacing the rooftop unit can average $10,000 to $20,000.  Preventing fin and coil damage by installing hail guard netting is by far the most simple and cost effective solution.

More details about our air intake protection solutions

The award-winning HailStop Hail Guard Netting ensures that your rooftop’s HVAC equipment remain protected even in a hailstorm. It has been specially designed to deflect all kinds of incoming airborne objects, providing adequate protection to the delicate fins beneath. Installation is a snap as you can mount it across virtually any kind of equipment air intake fins by cutting it to fit your custom application. Plastic mount clips that open, close and lock into place allow HailStop to be easily removed for periodic maintenance or repair.  For added flexibility, the HailStop Hail Guard Netting can be placed behind PreVent Equipment Protection filters so that protection is not limited to only large-sized hailstones, but airborne debris and dust particles as well.

You will find HailStop Hail Guard Netting to be well worth the investment, since it boasts of UV protection and is also rot resistant and weather resistant. Other qualities include being abrasion and corrosion resistant. Constant exposure to abrasive elements around the clock on the roof and yet is able to last for a long time is a testament to the quality of this product.



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