Cottonwood Chiller Screen for High Rise Building

high-rise-office-building PreVent BHA Filter Installed Closeup

Challenge – Cottonwood Clogs Chiller Intakes in the Windy City

One of the largest commercial real estate firms, located in Chicago, works with building owners to identify and implement innovative HVAC retrofits to lower operating costs and improve the bottom line. Hard to access roof-top chillers were continually getting clogged with messy cottonwood seeds that became embedded in the delicate fins and blocked critical air flow.  The units required thorough cleaning in order to perform within their originally designed operating parameters.

Solution – PreVent Equipment Protection Cottonwood Chiller Screen

The management firm, with 31 branches managing hundreds of buildings across the country,  has been recognized with numerous Energy Star awards by the EPA for reducing energy consumption through no- and low-cost operation strategies.  Their local filter distributor recommended that a PreVent® cottonwood chiller screen should be customized in black high abrasion media for each application.   Each application has its own installation challenges, so PreVent has a variety of design features which allowed the filters to be attached easily and securely.  Cleaning routines were simplified, equipment efficiency optimized and  maintenance man-hours were utilized more efficiently.


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