Cottonwood Clogs Grocery Chain Condensers

cottonwood clogs russell air cooled condenser Dirty Fin Option 1

Glen Bergman, the owner of G&B Environmental, manages the air filtration needs for a major grocery store chain in Minneapolis.  The chain utilizes more than 600 condensing units for their cooling needs at 20 locations.  Especially critical are the Bohn and Russell horizontal and vertical rooftop condensers that allow the refrigerated walk-in coolers and product storage equipment to safely store and display millions of dollars of food products.  The condensers, containing 3-8 fans per unit, are located on each store’s rooftop, nestled among messy cottonwood trees.  Each summer, the delicate air intake fins get showered in white, fluffy cottonwood seeds that become embedded and block critical air flow.  The units require thorough cleaning in order to perform within their originally designed operating parameters.  G&B needed to simplify their cleaning routine and utilize their service contract man-hours efficiently.

PreVent® Equipment Protection Filters were customized for each application, ready in just days for easy installation.  Each application has its own installation challenges.  Prevent has a variety of design features which allow the filters to be attached easily and securely.


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