Should Your Floor Fans Be Wearing Bonnets?

bonnet style air filtersWorkers in food processing and electronics industries wear hair nets to keep their workplace clean. Shouldn’t your floor fans be wearing them too? Permatron manufactures PreVent filter screens that snugly fit over recirculating floor fans and heating-cooling vents to capture dust, debris, and other airborne particles that could contaminate your workspace and your processes. Washable electrostatic filters easily slip over vents and fans to protect equipment motors, workers and products from dust and contaminants.


PreVent bonnet filters played a crucial role in helping a Michigan baking company pass strict American Institute of Baking inspection audits. The plant’s challenge included raw agricultural products, like coarse grains ground into flour, which is then moved to mixing machines and combined with fine spices and other baking additives to create an atmosphere contaminated with sticky dust, egg shells, and lint. Meanwhile, the plant’s fresh-from-the-oven cereal bars were being cooled by high velocity fans, which also circulated unwanted particulates throughout the facility. PreVent bonnet filters secured around the cooling fans caught most of the particulates before they could be blown throughout the facility.


PreVent filters are completely customizable to your facility needs- -add additional media to the filter to increase arrestance efficiency. Pull tabs, drawstrings, hook/loop or magnets can secure your filter, yet make it easily removable to rinse and clean.  Disposable fan shrouds also available.


Check out these options:

  • BONNET – Circular Fan Guards
  • FANGUARD – Protects Backside of Fan Air Intake
  • VENTCAP – Square or Rectangular Wall Vents
  • SOCK – Drop Down Ceiling Vents
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