The other “white stuff”

It’s the season feared most by facilities and building managers.

It starts with just a wisp, floating through the air. Before you know it, every flat surface is covered. Wind gusts make fluffy white piles.

You may be thinking snow, but we’re really talking about cottonwood season.

Did you know that one cottonwood tree can generate up to 48 MILLION seeds every year?

During the height of cottonwood season, it may seem that every single one of those seeds is heading straight for the air intake vents of your facility’s rooftop air handlers and cooling towers.

The seeds clog vents and coat coils, so your system has to work harder. That pushes up energy costs and increases the risk of equipment damage, even burned-out motors.

Permatron’s PreVent Equipment Protection Air Filters can head those fluffs off at the pass.

In simplest terms, the custom-fitted washable filters are installed on the outside of a unit and prevent contaminants from reaching coils in the first place.

Willow Creek Church, a 24,000-member megachurch in suburban Chicago, installed Permatron PreVent Air Intake filters throughout the church buildings on its155-acre campus.

“The PreVent filters looked like they had caught every piece of cottonwood for miles around,” says Shaun Hager, Willow Creek’s HVAC/R specialist.

Want more? Read here about how one Texas business complex fought the cottonwoods — and won!

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