Vent Filters for Automotive Plant Welding Shop

Challenge – Oil Mist and Metal Particles Contaminate Vent Openings

The $800 million automotive manufacturing plant, located in Mississippi and one of the most advanced worldwide, looks nothing like any other car plant.  Designed and built on a model of high-volume, high-efficiency production, the plant relys heavily on automation equipment like welding robots and a streamlined paint shop.   You can see straight up to the ceiling and across every row on the line, with almost everything staying at eye level or below.  There are conveyors in only one spot, meaning less machinery that might need attention, less noise and more efficient work space.

Employing 2,000 workers and manufacturing more than 400 cars a day seven days a week can be challenging for a facility created with emphasis shifting to being smaller (1.8 million sq. ft.), leaner and smarter. This innovative process saves electricity, but it raises the stakes for cleanliness.  Equipment air vent openings located in the weld shop were getting clogged with oil mist and metal particles.

PreVent Model R Air Intake FilterSolution –  PreVent Model R Air Intake Filters with Magnetic Attachment

The PreVent Model R contains washable electrostatic media capable of collecting high dirt loads before it is drawn into the equipment enclosure. A patented magnetic design allows the filter to stick to the outside of metal air intake vents meaning they are accessible from the outside with no need to dismantle the equipment to retrieve filters for cleaning.  Maintenance workers no longer have to cut polyester media rolls to size to cover the numerous vent openings.  The magnet secures the PreVent filter and all machine operators have to do is wipe it down once a week.

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