How PreVent Cottonwood Screens Restored a Biopharmaceutical’s HVAC Health

Every spring, billions of cottonwood seeds in Lynnwood, Washington, take to the air and aim straight for HVAC systems. For Partner Therapeutics, a local biotechnology company, it was time to get rough on all that fluff. Their maintenance team spent far too long hand-picking cottonwood seeds and debris out of the company’s three chillers, which had to be shut down during cleaning.

The local Trane Supply rep prescribed PreVent filter screens. They effectively stop airborne contaminants from entering air intakes, take just minutes to install with no drilling or tools, and are easily brushed clean—with zero downtime.

The prognosis for Partner Therapeutics is excellent—the company plans to order additional PreVent screens for outdoor supply ducting.

Read the entire case study here.

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