Why Chillers, Cooling Towers and Other HVAC Equipment Need PreVent

You’ll find our PreVent system in HVAC equipment nearly everywhere, from data centers to office buildings, shopping malls to production plants. You’ll even find them inside some ocean liners! That’s because the PreVent system is a valuable tool in stopping airborne environmental debris from getting inside nearly any A/C unit and cooling towers, fresh air intakes, chillers and other HVAC equipment. Without PreVent, contaminants like cottonwood seeds and insects blow inside these units, clogging critical airflow. The result is shortened equipment life due and soaring maintenance bills, wasted labor hours and high utility bills. With PreVent, however, you can avoid nearly all these problems. Let’s look at some specific equipment to see the difference PreVent air intake filters make.

Chillers and Similar HVAC Equipment

As industrial chillers keep large spaces like data centers cool, they continuously draw in ambient air, condition it and recirculate it. That means they may also be circulating dirt, cottonwood seeds, and other outside contaminants. All that debris can block the chiller’s fins and condenser coils, making the HVAC equipment work harder and use much more energy. Chillers consume a lot of power too, which means even a slight reduction in HVAC efficiency results in soaring energy bills.

Take data centers. Did you know that data centers consume more than 1% of the world’s electricity, and 40% of a data center’s energy usage is spent on its HVAC system? A slight disruption in HVAC efficiency can result in crippling costs.

The PreVent system keeps most of these outside contaminants from entering the chillers, helping them run efficiently. The savings from HVAC energy and cleaning costs alone may easily exceed $20,000 per unit. These custom-sized prefilters can also be installed quickly, without tools, with our powerful and patented MagnaMount® magnetic mount clips. With these clips, removing and installing the air filter screen takes only minutes. But PreVent filters don’t have to be removed to clean—you can simply use a broom to brush off the debris.

Download our PreVent Chillers Info Sheet

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers cool facilities as varied as food processing centers, data centers, hospitals and schools and are also popular for refrigeration. To do their jobs, cooling tower fans move large volumes of air and water. They continuously recirculate outside air through the equipment, but that also draws in large amounts of environmental dirt, debris and other contaminants. The maintenance needed to remove that debris can easily run in the thousands of dollars and require countless man-hours cleaning the strainers.

PreVent air intake screens stop airborne contaminants before they ever get inside a cooling tower, improving equipment reliability and efficiency. By blocking debris, PreVent screens also promote optimal heat transfer, prevent sludge buildup in water basins, curb the clogging of strainers, spray nozzles and blowdown valves and even diffuse sunlight to help fight algae growth. In other words, the PreVent system prevents more issues than you can imagine.

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Reach-In Coolers

Reach-in coolers store cold food products in grocery stores and other retail outlets while keeping them on display and within easy reach of customers. In most cases, the critical refrigeration components are hidden inside the unit’s base, at foot traffic level, where they suck in floor dirt, carpet lint, food debris and even snow salt. All these contaminants clog condenser coils, resulting in early equipment failure, mechanical issues and high energy bills. In fact, a dirty unit uses up to 20% more electricity than a clean one. Food spoilage from improper cooling only adds to unplanned costs and headaches.

To keep them operational, refrigeration condensers require regular cleaning. But cleaning is a chore, consisting of messy chemical cleanings and blowing contaminants off the coils. Both methods produce undesired debris polluting the surrounding area, including in and on the display cases themselves.

PreVent air intake filters reduce maintenance and eliminate cleanings by protecting those condenser coils from getting clogged up in the first place. PreVent steel-framed filters can be custom-sized to attach to the outside of any reach-in cooler air inlet, ensuring a perfect fit, where dirt build-up can be easily seen by staff. With magnetic stripping attached to the back of the filter, installation and washing removal is a snap.

Download our PreVent Reach-In Filter Info Sheet

Make-Up Air Units

Make-up air units, also commonly referred to as MUAs, are designed to consistently push fresh outdoor air into an indoor space. These systems play a crucial role in air rate exchange, delivering high volumes of air to be recirculated back into the building space. To ensure all that continually pumped-in outdoor air is clean, MUA units rely on high-efficiency filters such as pleats, V-banks or bags to capture outside dust, debris and other contaminants. This can require frequent filter changes depending on environmental issues, which can be costly—both in terms of equipment and labor.

PreVent air intake filters keep those contaminants outside, where they belong. As a result, PreVent filters keep HVAC equipment cleaner, performing better, lasting longer and requiring less frequent cleanings or filter change-out maintenance.

Download our PreVent Make-Up Air Unit Filter Info Sheet

Prevent Problems with PreVent

Whether you rely on chillers, cooling towers, make-up air units, or any type of HVAC equipment, the PreVent system is guaranteed to reduce your maintenance and service calls, extend the life of your equipment, and, in most cases, deliver a solid ROI in 1-2 years. Keep your facilities cool, your costs down, and your equipment running smoothly with PreVent.Contact us to see how the PreVent system can help you.

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