Why Proper HVAC Air Flow is Critical for Your Employees and Your Business

Nothing can be cooled without air movement, which is why efficient HVAC air flow is vital for effective and efficient cooling. Whether your facility or work environment is cooled by a standard air conditioning system or a cooling tower, blocked HVAC air flow from dirty commercial air filters or industrial air filters means your equipment needs to work harder to cool. Repairs can be costly, energy costs can rise rapidly, and equipment lifespan can be dramatically shortened.

You Should be Sick of Poor Air
Clean air filters are necessary for proper ventilation, and are crucial for maintaining good indoor air quality. Polluted, non-filtered air can harm your computers and other high-tech equipment—and your staff may be even more vulnerable. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, most Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors, with much of that time spent in office or commercial buildings. Yet, indoor environments often have higher levels of pollutants than outside environments. Poor ventilation increases the risk of bacteria growth, mold, corrosion and Sick Building Syndrome. Sick Building Syndrome, an illness marked by headaches and respiratory problems, is “the main cause of absence from work and low efficiency of staffs and employees” according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. This ailment can be particularly harmful to those with asthma or allergies.

Even if employees don’t miss time from work because of illness, poor HVAC air flow can still impair their performance. In a survey conducted by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), employees cited being too hot or too cold as the two biggest issues impacting their ability to get work done. Many studies have also directly tied indoor pollutants with one’s ability to focus, including this study from Harvard.

Keep It Clean
Debris, whether in the form of cottonwood, dirt or other airborne enemies, can significantly block airflow and damage rooftop HVAC equipment. Companies have different ways of addressing the problem but many can be expensive or labor intensive.

So, what can a facility manager do? Fortunately, Permatron has quite a few solutions available that can protect your equipment and maintain its cooling efficiency.

One solution is with our PreVent® system. Our PreVent filter screens can fit any outdoor air intake system and can be simply and easily secured with powerful MagnaMount® earth magnets. No drilling is needed, installation takes only minutes, and the washable screens can be brushed in place with no downtime at all—or easily removed, cleaned and quickly put back up. One premier beverage manufacturing company cut HVAC cleaning and maintenance costs by two-thirds after installing the PreVent system. With simpler installation and simpler cleaning, our PreVent system is simply the best.

Permatron air filters, especially when coupled with our PreVent system, will assure you the highest standards of HVAC air flow quality, performance and equipment longevity. Let us help solve your air intake issues and keep your equipment, employees and even your customers and clients healthier.

Ensure your building or facility has proper and efficient HVAC air flow by contacting one of our experts, today.

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