The Importance of Cottonwood Screens (and The Benefits of MagnaMount Mount Clips)

Should you put air intake filter screens, often referred to as cottonwood screens, on each of your HVAC units? It would seem like an easy decision. These tough screens fit over the open, ventilated areas of your rooftop HVAC units, and their financial, efficiency and operational benefits are substantial. But many building owners and facility managers might complain that cottonwood screens can be difficult and time-consuming to install. That’s why our PreVent® filter screens, and their MagnaMount® Magnetic Plastic Mount Clips, are so popular. They turn a chore into a simple, five-minute installation.

Why Your HVAC Units Need Cottonwood Screens

Cottonwood trees can grow to be more than 100 feet tall and are a nightmare for HVAC systems. Their seedlings blow around, and end up inside rooftop HVAC unit fins and coils where they impair air flow, reduce filter life and increase repair costs. Cottonwood season can last from April to July depending on your area of the country and during this time—as those seedlings become fully grown and start falling off—weekly HVAC cleanings may be needed. But it can be difficult to get onto the roof to chemically clean your HVAC units at all, let alone every week.

As a result, your HVAC equipment quickly can get clogged and start to break down, needing expensive repair or replacement. And dirty coils, even if they don’t destroy the HVAC unit, can still cost you big money. It’s been shown that dirty coils on your HVAC units can increase energy and cleaning costs by more than $22,000 a year.

The solution is cottonwood screens. You simply attach them to the outside of each HVAC unit’s air intake, preventing airborne debris from getting inside. But not all of these screens are made of equal quality, and you won’t find better ones than PreVent air intake screens from Permatron. Manufactured with 3-dimensional woven polypropylene, PreVent screens are custom-made so they will fit any outdoor air intake, regardless of its shape and size.

You don’t need an HVAC professional to clean them, either. You just need to brush or hose them clean, in place, with zero downtime. But the best part about PreVent screens is how easy they are to install because of our patented MagnaMount mount clips.

The Powerful Benefits of MagnaMount

Sold in packages of 12,  MagnaMount magnetic mount clips use powerfully strong neodymium “earth” magnets that stick to the metal surface of your HVAC unit. Installation takes minutes and requires no special tools. The magnets are strong enough to keep your cottonwood screens in place even during the windiest conditions, but you can also easily remove the screen when you need to get into your HVAC unit.

But, you shouldn’t need to get into your HVAC unit to clean it often. Your PreVent screen will keep your HVAC insides free of debris and seeds. As a result, your system will need fewer repairs, and you’ll also have more efficient equipment that uses less energy and lasts longer. And all that from a simple five-minute installation.

Our MagnaMount mount clips are:

  • Our clips are tested to withstand more than 100 MPH of wind speed.
  • Each magnet requires 11 pounds of resistance to release.
  • Can be used anywhere. You can even adhere the clips to non-metal surfaces with the addition of our press-on steel plate adapter or adhesive.

Prevent Problems With PreVent

Now is the perfect time to install your MagnaMount-equipped PreVent air intake cottonwood screens. You’ll not only protect your HVAC equipment, but each screen is made in the U.S.A., comes with a five-year warranty, and is backed by Permatron’s excellent service and support. To see how much money you can save with your PreVent filter screen system try our PreVent ROI calculator.

Contact us to order your PreVent screen today!

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