New MagnaMount Mount Clips

Reduce installation time to minutes. Check.

Eliminate the need to drill into equipment. Check.

No tools required. Check.

MagnaMount® (Patent No. US 10,180,265) has changed the way to install PreVent® filters onto the outside of equipment air intakes. Why is this product so effective? These quick mounts completely eliminates the need to drill into equipment. MagnaMount mount clips contain a powerfully strong neodymium “earth” magnet that sticks to metal surfaces, allowing them to be repositioned as needed. Reducing installation time to a matter of minutes without the need of tools.

  •  Tested for pull strength:  In a horizontal straight down pull the magnet will hold 5 Kilograms – which is 11 pounds before letting go.  In a vertical slide test the magnet will hold 1.0 – 1.1 kg before letting go.
  • Non-metal surface installations are easy with the addition of our press on steel plate adapter containing high bond, high tensile strength tape adhesive permanently affixed to surface.

Dry air cooler installation for Norland  MagnaMount Mount ClipPreVent Air Filter Screen Installation

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