Custom Air Filters Protect Land Mud Coolers

NOV Land Mud Cooler











With more than 150 years of experience, National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is a global company in the oil and gas industry. Throughout every region in the world and across every area of drilling and production, NOV companies have provided technical expertise, advanced equipment and operational support to achieve lasting success.

One of the advanced equipment pieces NOV offers is the TUNDRA™ MAX Land Mud Cooler. This mobile, fully automated land mud cooler is used to keep mud cool in land-based high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) drilling. The TUNDRA MAX provides control of drilling fluid temperatures while reducing the risks involved in HPHT drilling. Not only does this machine lower operations costs, and improve drilling mud conditions it also reduces health and injury risk to rig personnel.

Dust Particles Continuously Enter Equipment

While out in the field, the land mud cooler is not protected from fine dust particles entering the equipment. NOV called our OEM specialist, for a solution to this problem. Steve created a custom air filter for the TUNDRA MAX that is made with layers of honeycomb weave polypropylene (BHC), a layer of nonwoven polyester media (NWPE) and finished with a vinyl edge and grommets for easy attachment.

Lad Mud Cooler With Custom Air Filters

Washable Air Filter Captures Fine Dust Particles

The media for this custom washable air filter was chosen carefully to ensure proper filtration and protect costly equipment interior components from fine dust particles. BHC electrostatic woven media effectively removes airborne particulates through a combination of impingement and triboelectric charge, which is an inherent property in polypropylene. This type of media is lightweight, has excellent strength, is resistant to abrasion and will not disintegrate in a corrosive, outdoor environment. In NWPE media, fibers are randomly dispersed in all directions through an air laid web. A high volume of contaminants can be trapped within the depth of fiber. Media is also flame retardant and heat cured, which is essential for the drilling process.





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