Lower Maintenance Costs with a PreVent Wrap-Around AC Filter

Over 80 million households in the United States need to clean their central air conditioner compressor. As the air conditioner runs, dirt, leaves, cottonwood and other debris get pulled into the outdoor condensing unit. This debris clogs the cooling fins, which can restrict air flow needed to operate the air conditioner.

As a result, the equipment loses its cooling capacity. Electrical costs rise and equipment breaks down early. The average cost of a new AC system is $3,500 – $4,000 in a 2,000 square foot home. The minimum cost to replace a burned out compressor is $1,000. According to an EPA research 0.042″ of dirt of an AC coil can reduce its efficiency by 21%!

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PreVent Wrap-Around AC FilterPermatron’s PreVent Wrap-Around AC filter is designed to keep any central air conditioning unit from clogging up with outdoor debris. The PreVent Wrap-Around is a permanent, washable filter that is easy to install and requires no system modifications. Simply wrap the filter around the outside of the unit’s air intake grill and hold it in place by using the bungee cords included with each filter. One size fits all equipment models, filter is 38″ X 110″ and can be easily trimmed to the size of your AC unit for a neat appearance.

The commercial high abrasion media is UV protected and easy to clean. As needed, brush off debris with a brush or shop vac. Each PreVent Wrap-Around filter includes a 5 year warranty.

Keep cool and save money, order your PreVent-Wrap Around Filter today!

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